Issues to keep in mind when hiring a Plumbing Contractor

plumbing contractor Plumbing problems are a frequent issue facing homeowners. The issues can range from simple leaky faucets, to clogged drain, to something which is much more complex such as adding a laundry room. A lot of the small jobs can be handled by a handyman or can even be handled by the homeowner himself. A lot of the more complex jobs should not be attempted to be done by homeowner himself, or even a handyman and require the help of a licensed plumbing contractor.

Make sure to do due diligence before committing to any one plumbing contractor. The following are things to keep in mind when hiring a plumber:

1. The most important is their experience. You really don't want to hire a plumber who has not had their license for a very long time. Hiring an experienced plumber will save a lot of time and hassle over the long-term. An experienced plumber may charge you a higher rate than an inexperienced plumber, however hiring an inexperienced plumber you can face problems down the line, sometimes even having to rehire another plumber to fix the mistakes and can therefore end up spending more money anyway.

2. The second thing to consider is what kind of a guarantee the contractor provides on the work. Always make sure to get a written agreement on what guarantees the plumber is providing and don't necessarily take their word on it. In many places an oral agreement may not be legally binding, and on top of it may be very hard to prove.

3. Another issue to consider is the price. It can vary a lot contractor to contractor. Generally it is not the best idea to hire the cheapest contractor you can find, because you can actually end up paying more in the end. A good rule of thumb is to only hire plumbers who will provide a free estimate on the project. It is a good idea to do this whenever possible, if it is not an emergency situation. It is important to price shop and get quotes from several different contractors before committing to one.

4. Another important issue to consider is references. Always make sure the contractor you hire can provide past customers' contacts. It is important to call them and inquire whether the contractor did a satisfactory job on the project. If the plumber is unable to provide references it may be a red flag.

5. The last issue to consider is verifying that the plumbing contractor is fully licensed, bonded, insured to do the type of work necessary for the project. The contractor must have a license to operate as a plumber in the state that you hire them in. Most states do not accept licenses from other states, and it is actually illegal both for them to work as a plumber and for you to hire them for the job. The responsibility for checking their licensing info is on the homeowner, to avoid any future legal liability. A good resource on the plumber's background is the Better Business Bureau as well, to make sure they have at least a passing grade - a C, although it is generally preferred to pick contractors who have a B or above, which means they have less past complaints about the quality of their work.

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