4 Reasons Why You Should Plant a Tree on Your Property

Planting trees on your property may seem like an inconvenience for those who have never done it, but it’s not. Although trees take too long to grow, once they do, they will completely transform your landscape. 

However, there is more to planting trees than just burying some seedlings on the dirt. 

You have to decide what type of tree to go for, how it affects the rest of the plant life on your property, and of course how much maintenance it will need. 

Either way, growing a tree is always advised, and here are some of the reasons why you should consider the idea! 

Increases the Value of Your Property 

Yes, planting trees on your property can have a huge positive effect in enhancing its overall value. A lot of people often assume that increasing property value requires expensive remodeling projects and while this sometimes is true, if you don’t have the money, you can go for something as simple as planting a tree. 

The USDA estimates that a healthy and grown tree will increase the value of your property by at least 10% and it’s not hard to see why. 

Trees give your home that beautiful curb appeal, making your home more attractive to buyers. Besides, the cost of planting such a tree shouldn’t be an issue seeing you can easily get an affordable tree service to work on your property. 

Saves on Energy

One thing you get with trees is cooling. Even one single tree can provide enough shade to bring such an amazing cooling effect on your home. This will show on your energy bills as well. Besides, trees can also be used to deflect cold winds away from the house, reducing your heating cost in the process. 

It’s not easy to say just how much money you save in energy bills with a tree on your land. But the Arbor Day Foundation estimates that you can save up to 30% of your yearly energy costs with a tree planted on your property. 

The US Department of Energy also notes that three trees can save you between $100 and $250 in energy cost each year. But you will need to make sure the tree pruning and maintenance are done right for you to enjoy all these benefits.

Improves Air Quality 

Planting a tree can also go a long way in improving the air quality in and around your home. Trees simply clean the air and with the ongoing carbon pollution, it would be nice to know you are doing a small part to clean up the planet and also reducing your indoor air pollution along the way. 

In 2010, for example, it was estimated that trees helped to reduce carbon emissions in the air by as much as 17.4 million tonnes. There was also another study in the UK that found planting a roadside tree along buildings reduced indoor air pollution by nearly 50%. 

So, with this kind of fact, it will be a huge mistake not to get in touch with a tree company for a quote on getting your trees up.

Sustained Wildlife

Although many people don't like having too much wildlife around their home, sometimes the sight of a beautiful squirrel up the tree can be very satisfying. Well, planting a tree can provide a home for sustainable wildlife including beautiful birds. 

In addition to this, trees also attract pollinators like bees which in turn help to maintain the plant ecosystems in your area. 

In essence, by getting a tree arborist to help you plant a simple tree, you will be playing such a huge role in keeping the global plant and animal ecosystem in balance.

You may also want to know that landscaping trees can help transform your property into a masterpiece. Remember trees are super beautiful and they have a way of making other plants on the land look even better. In the end, you will enjoy spending time in your outdoor area.

Ready to plant a tree in your front or back yard? Contact a local and affordable tree service to help you do the dirty work! 


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