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How to Make Granite Countertops Shine

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials. Although it’s very durable, it needs proper maintenance to maintain its beauty and splendor for a long period of time. 

One way you can actually make granite work for you is through regular cleaning. A shiny countertop looks absolutely amazing and in fact, we actually have a few tips that may help you with this.

What You’ll Need 

Granite is also great for your outdoor kitchen. Source: Southern Living
Granite is also great for your outdoor kitchen. Source: Southern Living

Before starting with the step-by-step guide, let’s first of all start with a list of the essential supplies and tools that you will need for the job:

  • Some dish soap and water

  • Sponge

  • A spray bottle

  • A clean rag

  • A razor

  • Isopropyl alcohol 

Step 1: Clean the Surface

The first step would be to clear off everything from the counter. All cookeries, appliances, utensils need to be removed. The goal is to ensure that there’s no clutter the moment you start the job. Once this is done, use a dry sponge to wipe off the countertop and brush away any debris you can find.     

Step 2: Scrubs Off the Surface 

With some work, you can make your counters shine again. Source: HGTV
With some work, you can make your counters shine again. Source: HGTV

Once the granite countertop is cleaned, it’s time to scrub it off. However, there’s one thing you need to know. Granite tops tend to come with a sealant that keeps them shiny. As you scrub them off, don’t use something acidic or basic. It may damage the sealant. 

Here’s how to: Just add the dish soap into the water. Dip in a sponge and use it to scrub the surface. This should take just a few minutes but if there are a few stubborn stains, you may want to take your time.

Step 3: Use a Razor 

If you are not able to get rid of the debris and stains, you may need to take drastic measures. Some stains don’t come out easily even with warm water and soap, so don’t be afraid to use a razor. It will be such a handy tool in scraping away any gunk or build up on the top. Once you are done, rinse with water and wipe with a sponge.

Step 4: Disinfect the Surface 

Disinfecting the surface is also important. You should only do this after all the debris has been removed from the countertop. Start by getting a spray bottle, and then make a 50/50 mixture of Isopropyl alcohol and water. One cup of alcohol mixed with one cup of water should work. Take the mixture and pour it into the spray bottle. 

Spray the counter and let the mixture rest on the surface for five minutes. After that, wipe the counter using a dry cloth using a sweeping “S” motion. Keep wiping until the counter is completely dry. That should be it. The end result will be a clean, shiny, and stunning countertop.

How to Maintain Your Granite

Doesn’t granite look great?! Source: Cellcode
Doesn’t granite look great?! Source: Cellcode 

Even though it’s actually easy to keep granite clean and shiny, sometimes a lot of people wait until it’s too long before they start any kind of cleaning. If you want your granite to deliver excellent service, then proper maintenance is crucial

The first thing you can do is to make sure you clean it on a regular basis. Just follow the same steps above at least once a month for the best results. 

In addition to this, 

Always make sure that any stains and spills are cleaned up as soon as they happen. This makes it easier to get rid of them. Granite is pretty much stain-resistant no doubt, especially if it has a sealant. But if you leave stains to sit on it for a long time, they will start to build up. Eventually, they will become harder to clean.

Don’t have the time to maintain or want to get new counters installed? Then request a free quote from a professional today. 


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