Solar Panel Snow Removal: What You Need To Know

A girl clearing a solar panel from snow

Solar panel snow removal is not always utterly necessary, but there are some reasons to do it, such as efficiency loss and panel orientation. To remove snow correctly you can use a soft brush or vroom, a rake that won't scratch, or install a heating system or panel covers. 

The delicate surface of this technology requires attention, so you need to know exactly what you are doing when safely removing snow and ice from solar panels. This guide explains the methods of getting snow out of them and other valuable tips. Start reading!

Should You Remove Snow From Solar Panels?

If you notice efficiency loss and panel orientation, you may need to remove the snow from your solar panels. Consult professional roof snow removal services or follow the manufacturer's guidelines for your specific system.

Remember that the best way to remove snow – if it is light and powdery – from solar panels is to let it naturally melt or slide off when the sun comes out. Removing snow manually can be risky and may potentially damage the panels. 

Wait for natural melting unless there is a significant and prolonged decrease in energy production.

How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels On The Roof?

Use a soft broom, brush, or snow rake, install a heating system or covers, or adjust the tilt of the panels. Here are all of the methods you can consider in detail. Take a look!

1. Use A Soft Broom Or Brush

Gently brushing off the snow with a soft broom or brush can be effective. Choose a tool with soft bristles to avoid scratching or damaging the solar panels. You must always be gentle to prevent any harm to the surface of the panels.

2. Use A Snow Rake

There are specialized snow rakes designed for removing snow from roofs. These rakes typically have long handles that allow you to reach the solar panels without having to climb on the roof. Don’t forget to ensure the rake is made of materials that won't scratch the panels.

3. Install A Heating System

Some homeowners install heating systems beneath the solar panels to melt snow as an automatic solar panel snow removal. It can be a more expensive option and may require professional installation, but works to prevent snow accumulation.

4. Adjust The Tilt Of The Panels

Adjusting the tilt of the solar panels to a steeper angle can encourage snow to slide off more easily. It may only be practical for some solar installations, but you can check if it is an option for you.

5. Invest In Solar Panel Covers Or Coatings

Some products on the market claim to reduce snow accumulation. Such as solar panel covers or coatings! Research these carefully and consider their effectiveness and potential impact on the efficiency of the solar panels.

Another reminder: removing snow from solar panels on a roof can help improve their efficiency during the winter months, especially if it is part of your commercial roof snow removal.

Instead of doing everything by yourself, consult with eHARDHAT's solar energy experts. They are the best option to assist and advise you on this mission, so call them immediately!


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