Steel Entry Doors: The Future Standard

You might be surprised to learn that the home remodeling project which most reliably provides a return on investment is steel door installation but as the good folks over at Remodeling magazine have revealed, this initially strange sounding service has been a favorite of forward-thinking homeowners for a number of years and with some consideration it’s plain to see why! These are just a few of the benefits that a homeowner can look forward to receiving if they choose to have a steel entry door installation performed at their home:


An obvious benefit of having a steel entry door installation performed is a tremendous increase in the security of your home. But it really cannot be emphasized enough the difference this simple and quick change can have on the safety of your home. Steel entry doors are typically composed of a customizeable exterior layer encasing a durable, highly resilient slab of steel which can range anywhere from 16 gauge to 24 gauge. This increased home security has an immediate impact on the safety of your home and the loved ones within it while also potentially decreasing your home’s insurance rate and its property value.


Steel door installation is surprisingly competitive in pricing compared to the cost of many other popular entry door installation alternatives. This is true both at the time of initial installation and throughout the life of the material. Steel doors are naturally durable and resilient against damage from many of the most common problems which result in the need for door repair services. As a result, steel entry doors can be counted on to provide longer lasting quality functioning with far fewer instances of additional repairs or servicing than any other material on the residential door market today. This means that homeowners with steel entry doors end up spending significantly less on their investment than the vast majority of their neighbors.


A huge percentage of steel doors are composed of entirely recycled metal and are therefore completely renewable and sustainable. As a result of this more and more eco-friendly businesses and homeowners are looking to steel entry door installations as the new standard for the green age of remodeling which the world is just beginning to enter. In fact, the traditional wooden doors which were a long-standing icon for homes across the country have in recent years been criticized by a growing portion of the professional home remodeling community for their poor environmental impact in comparison to this newer alternative. Between this consideration and the number of other significant improvements which steel entry doors offer homeowners over other door materials,


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