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Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

We all know that summer is not the time to spend at home. People are off to picnics and beach trips and during this basket of wholesome activities, you may forget to pay attention to your home. Home maintenance is very important regardless of the season. It’s your first line of defense against damages and it may go a long way in enhancing the beauty and value of your property in the long run.

So before you run off to the summer sun, we have a small maintenance checklist that can help you.

Wash Exterior Windows

Window washing is one of the most common jobs around the house
Remember to use a squeegee to dispose of streaks. Source: Azra

During winter and spring, one of the most important home maintenance things to do is to clean up the interior windows. But summer is different. This time your focus should be on exterior windows. Exterior windows can sometimes be very difficult to access. You may need a ladder or professional help but it’s a job that must be done. Clean windows will make your home stand out in the glowing sun. Don’t forget to inspect and clean window screens too. Any sign of damage should be handled right away.

Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Other than the windows, you will also need to inspect and clean all the other exterior parts of your home. We are talking about exterior doors, garage doors, but most importantly, the siding. The siding is the outer protective layer that’s designed to protect the home from the harsh weather. After a difficult winter, you’d think the siding may have a few issues. Take a look and make sure they are fixed. You will also need to check the patio and the deck. These are all important parts of your living space and their exposure to the harsh winter may have taken a toll on them. If you have a wooden deck, pay attention to mold and cracks. You can reapply sealant if you have time but this can be done later in the summer.

Clean the Outdoor Grill

You will probably be having some friends over for a barbecue and some beers at some point during the summer. The last thing you want is to pull out the outdoor grill only to realize it’s dirty and unusable. That’s why you should take care of this as soon as possible. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. Getting them off the way sooner rather than later is recommended. The grill will have taken a beating from the winter even if it was covered so you have to clean it thoroughly.

Focus on Your Garden

There aren’t many plants that flourish during winter. It’s very likely that after days of snow, the garden that once stood tall with beautiful plants will be dead. The garden is a vital part of the outdoor landscape on your property. It must always be in good condition, especially in summer. Try to put some work there and bring out the magic with bright flowers and other plants.

Check the Fence

A white picket fence is the American dream
Make sure the fence is working alright. Source: By County

Finally, inspect the fence for any damage. Different types of fences may respond to the weather conditions differently. While iron designs are stronger, wood may take a hit. In any case, a proper inspection is still needed. Any sign of damage must be addressed immediately. Try to pay close attention to the fence posts to see if they are slanted or not. This is often a very good indicator of damage across the entire fence.

Maintaining your home and keeping it in good condition is something you should do all year round regardless of the season. However, summer is here and this is a great chance to fix a number of things on your outdoors. The checklist above is a great place to start for any homeowner.

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