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The ChumBuddy is the Coolest Sleeping Bag You've Ever Seen!

It's a stuffed animal! It's a sleeping bag! It’s Chumbuddy!

Now the experience of sleeping inside a shark can actually be fun! Of course we’re not talking about a real shark, but about this awesome shark sleeping bag.  

The ChumBuddy sleeping bag lets you sleep in a shark!

Actually called the “ChumBuddy”, it was created by 19 year old design wondergenius Kendra Phillips. The Shark Attack Sleeping Bag is 7 feet tall, hand sewn and is filled with 30 pounds of soft fill.

This sleeping bag also works well as a body pillow or it can make a pillow fight even better. It also makes a cool gift for your loved ones!

What better way to catch some sleep than being warm and cozy inside the mouth of a plush shark? The games have no limits!

Ever wanted to sleep in a shark's mouth? Now you can! The ChumBuddy sleeping bag is an awesome gift for yourself or your loved ones

The price is $199 but can you really put a price on awesomeness? I guess you can and it's just shy of 2 bills. Shipping is free!

You can order your marine friend here!


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