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The Coolest Dog Houses Your Dog Will Beg You For

Dog houses. They used to be a common project for beginner carpenters. Four walls, a roof, and an opening for a door. Maybe a window or two if you wanted to get a little fancier. Along with dogscaping, “barkitecture” has become a recent craze among dog parents. There are even contests to see who can build the coolest dog house. If you want your lap dog to live in the lap of luxury, take a look at these incredibly creative dog houses for some inspiration.

Fish Tank Dog House

Home Crux

Love dogs? Love fish? Why not put them together? With this stunning dog house that doubles as a work of art, your pup will love sleeping with the fishes. This beautiful dog house was created by the guys from the TV show Tanked on Animal Planet.

Pampered Pooch Playhouse


Samsung created this dreamy dog house as the pinnacle of doggy luxury. It has a skylight, a treadmill, a snack dispenser, wallpaper, and even a hot tub. Futuristic and fantastic, this dog house is sure to make all the other dogs in the neighborhood jealous.

Eco-Friendly Dog House

Urban Gardens

This dog house, made from salvaged materials, boasts a beautiful succulent garden roof and a water recycling system. It was created to raise awareness and money for PAWS, which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping animals.

Dog House With a Pool


If your dog loves swimming, this is the dog house for you. This incredibly detailed dog house looks just like a miniature house complete with stone foundation, windows with shutters, a front porch, and a pool with a deck around it. Any dog would be lucky to be able to call this dog house his home.

Dog-Shaped House

Dog Bark Park Inn

Why build a dog house that’s a replica of your house when you can build a house that’s a replica of your dog? The Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho did just that. This husband and wife team got their start carving small, wooden dogs. After they were featured on QVC, they used the money they made to build Dog Bark Park and continue to create masterful dog carvings.


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