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These Puppies Are Definitely Ready For Friday!

No matter where they are, when puppies want to take a nap they just lie down and sleep.

This tired puppy confused being tired with being hungry and ended up taking a nap in his food bowl
Bored Panda

One thing is certain: every time we look, dogs seem to be falling asleep in a corner or brushing against another. Counting all naps, adult dogs sleep on average 14 hours a day, with some breeds reaching up to 18 hours a day.

The amount of sleep per day will depend on each dog, and may vary depending on the breed, personality, age, physical condition and environment.

Puppies end up sleeping in the cutest and most awkward positions!

Teaching your dog to go to bed when you request is one of the basic trainings and one of the most useful commands that your puppy will learn. You can use it to redirect your furry friend when it is having an unpleasant behavior, or for a variety of daily events..

This command should not be used solely as a disciplinary action, such as when it has readied something and should be punished. The command must be associated with pleasant feelings, because that way you guarantee that it will always respond positively and understand his bed or house is a pleasant and relaxing place.

This sleepy puppy seems to move around a lot during his sleep!

55% of dogs sleep indoors and 23% in the room of the owners, especially in large cities, where many live in apartments with their dogs, it is increasingly common that the four-legged friends sleep in the room or even in the bed of their owners, especially if they are small.

Is that good or bad?
The dog is a social animal that is intrinsically inserted into the routine of "human family". If we think the wolf ancestors, they often sleep together, nested, as well can better protect themselves, become less vulnerable, and keep warm. For dogs, sleeping close to human equivalent to being close to your family! Some manifest favorably to this closeness at bedtime, claiming that it is a factor that will increase the emotional bond between dog and its owner.
But on the other hand, the analysis of this situation must take into account important consequences related to health and the dog's behavior. In general, dogs who sleep with the owners are extremely attached to them and tend to develop separation anxiety.
Nevertheless, it is impossible not to fall in love with these pictures and we hope they make you smile.

See a ton more super cute puppies sleeping on unexpected places at Bored Panda!


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