Top 7 Painting Color Trends in 2019

Colors are an essential part of interior decor. The shades that we give our homes serve as a canvas where we build our entire decor strategy and as such, it’s important to pay attention to them. 

The great thing is that there are actually many color trends out there and in 2019, this won’t change. Whether you’re looking for a modern and stylish look or a simple and reserved one, we have a few color trends that may interest you.

1. Woodland Shades

Woodland Shades
Woodland colors are a huge trend this year. Source: Elle Decor

There’s no doubt that nature plays a big part when it comes to inspiration for interior decor. However, for many years, a lot of homeowners have focused on adding a botanical aspect to their interior space. This will change significantly in 2019 as more homeowners start to experiment with woodland and mushroom gray shades. 

The earthy color that woodland shades deliver has a very natural feel to it and that’s why it will be a major part of decor this year.

2. Hunter Greens

Hunter Greens
It also looks great on the kitchen! Source: Apartment Therapy 

Still at the nature aspect of interior decor, it’s time to talk about hunter green as one of the emerging color trends of 2019. Hunter green is not nearly as earthy as woodland but it has a certain charm to it. Its sultry appeal and worldly value will inspire any homeowner. Besides, it’s hunter green so it doesn’t get more natural than that. 

Tip: You can combine it with natural elements and other neutral tones to achieve the best results.

3. Saturated Hues

Saturated Hues
Saturated hues is making a comeback. Source: One King’s Lane

Deep saturated colors are not so common in modern spaces but they may be able to make a huge impact this year. These colors are ideal for custom built-ins and closed kitchen cabinets. 

If you want to fully leverage their beauty, try to use them in rooms with an abundant supply of natural light. Some of the common colors to go for include:

  • Hunter green
  • Beau green
  • Hale navy
  • Kendall charcoal

4. Misty Blues

Misty Blues
Doesn’t this color look gorgeous?! Source: Elle Decor 

Blue is a very common color in many spaces but there will be a twist in 2019. This year, the color blue with a softened mistiness and adorable haze will be a core part of interior decor. It’s a moody addition to your interior too with calming gray undertones to go with. 

Tip: In case you’re feeling a little creative, try accentuating the misty blue with a touch of purple. It will be a bold statement!

5. Electric Citrus

Electric Citrus
The lime green looks beautiful when paired with wood. Source: Art Decorium 

We will start to see extreme and more playful colors get the node in interior design this year and electric citrus is at the very top of the list. There are also other electric tones to look forward to. 

Think of lime green, citrus orange, and bright yellow. They are all perfect for large open spaces. Electric colors also work well in uncluttered rooms.

6. Rich Muted Purple

Rich Muted Purple
Purple looks beautiful as an accent tone. Source: Amara

Ultraviolet has been in the minds of many interior décor experts. In fact, it was voted at Pantone as the color of the year in 2018. We don’t expect this to change. 

Ultraviolet will still be a big part in interior space but there will be a few twists to look forward to this year. For instance, there will be homeowners angling for a muted and understated version of violet. Despite that, ultraviolet still delivers rich vibrant energy to all your spaces.

7. Deep Berry Reds

Deep Berry Reds
It looks beautiful even in the bathroom. Source: Friday Cities

Saturated reds that can infuse life into your interior without overwhelming will be making a huge comeback in 2019. The deep berries do have that cozy and comforting feel to them and they will energize your space with a lot of rich colors. The berry red can also be a perfect background for art. It’s ideal for any space including bathrooms.

Colors can change how your interior looks in a second. If you’re planning a remodeling project, it may be nice to first of all figure out the colors before moving to anything else. The simple ideas above should help you.

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