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7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Portable Generator

Power outages are not uncommon, especially during tough weather conditions. Sometimes the outage can be fixed in a few minutes and no harm is done. 

But in other cases, the outage may actually last longer than you expected. It could be because of a massive winter storm, a tornado or even a hurricane. But when the power is out for days, you will need an alternative source to keep your home running and that is where the idea of getting a portable generator comes in. 

Here are seven reasons why every household needs a portable generator:

Portable Power 

Many people assume that a portable generator will only be handy if there is a power outage. But that’s not the case. For people who love spending time camping or outdoors, having that extra bit of portable power can be a huge advantage. 

Additionally, if you have a large property, you may need to operate power tools in some sections that don’t have the wiring. A portable generator will be an invaluable asset in this.

Keep Your Food Fresh 

We all love to stack the fridge with as much food as possible, especially when we are getting ready for bad weather. Take a winter storm, for example. It may be days before you are able to get to the store and making sure you have enough food is always a good idea. 

But sadly, food can go bad quickly, especially without the right refrigeration. With so many outages during these weather events, it may be hard to keep the fridge running and as such, the risk of losing perfectly good food is high. However, a portable generator will take care of this easily for you.

You Love Camping

In case you are a passionate camper who loves to spend your time outdoors, then you must always have a portable generator standing by. 

There are no power lines in the woods and as we all know, we need power everywhere we go. Whether it’s for charging our devices or just providing light and entertainment during a camping expedition, a portable generator will make life outdoors much more bearable for everyone.

Perfect for DIYers 

In case you are one of those people who love to work on small projects at home, then a portable generator is crucial. Operating power tools requires a power source. You may not have a power source in every part of your home or property. 

A generator that you can easily move around with will make sure you have all the power you need to run your tools anytime.

You Have an Electric Car 

Not many people want to charge their EVs with a generator but during emergencies, it can be a lifesaver. Power outages can affect many things but you could have never imagined they would affect how we move around. 

But with the advent of electric cars, it’s now a possibility. Packing up a portable generator delivers extra power to you anytime, making sure you can easily move around using your electric car in case of any emergencies.

You Have a Water Well 

For people who have water wells at home, pumping the water to the desired location is always important. But this can’t be done without electricity. 

Using a portable generator to pump water isn’t only safer but a whole lot convenient. It ensures you can pump water from any well, regardless of its location on your property.

You Live In a Fire-Risk Zone 

It’s not uncommon for power and utility companies to actually shut off the power in most fire risk zones. Sometimes you may stay in the dark for days on end waiting for the risk to reduce. 

You don’t want that. A portable generator saves you from the whims of your utility provider. No matter how often they shut off the lines, you can always have an alternative source to keep your home running.

Get your own portable generator or get the help of a pro to decide with one is best for you!


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