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6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smart Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs can save you money!
Smart bulbs can save you money! Source: TechHive

The lighting industry has gone through a lot of changes over the last few years. With new innovations coming through, it seems that lighting options are getting better and better by the day. 

Some of the innovations that are currently driving this industry are actually centered on LED bulbs that save a lot of energy. We have also seen the compact fluorescent lights bring high levels of energy efficiency. 

So, what is the next big thing? 

Well, smart light bulbs could be next line to revolutionize the lighting industry and there are some good reasons why you should actually consider them in your home! 


We all know that LED lights offer many great benefits so it’s safe to say that they will be here for a while. 

But instead of using normal LED lights, perhaps it may be a great idea to integrate them with a smart component. Smart lights can turn themselves on and off automatically, and this leads to even more energy savings for you.

Rainbow Hues

Smart bulbs can even make your home more fun. Source: Home Crux
Smart bulbs can even make your home more fun. Source: Home Crux

Playing around with different lighting options can be the perfect way to add the required ambiance into your home. 

But you want something that does this automatically, one single light bulb installed in your home could actually give you this versatility. 

The great thing is that you don’t need any special switch. Simple voice commands can turn your average bulb into a rainbow hue emitting spectacle that will bring that cozy ambiance that you are looking for.

Peace of Mind 

Smart light bulbs can actually be synced into your appliances or mobile devices so that you can monitor them on a real-time basis. In essence, you can be able to control your lights even when you are not at home. 

This brings in a whole new level of sophistication that you will really love. Besides, it’s not uncommon to occasionally forget to switch off some lights at home. 

Instead of the bulb burning all day, taking away valuable energy, you can just switch it off from your office and that’s it.


Smart bulbs last much longer than incandescent options. Source: Unsplash
Smart bulbs last much longer than incandescent options. Source: Unsplash

Smart bulbs are a little bit more advanced so they feature some of the best technology out there. This gives them a unique advantage over traditional bulbs – they can last for longer. 

No one wants to invest in bulbs every now and then. It just costs too much money and time. 

Most people would prefer a light bulb that can actually last and smart bulbs offer that option. For example, a typical incandescent bulb would normally last between 1,000-2,000 hours. 

But a smart LED bulb will typically give you between 15,000 and 25,000 hours of light without the need for any maintenance.


Smart lighting solutions will also give you the opportunity to customize your lights the way you see fit. You don’t get this option with normal lights. 

The good news is that this kind of customization doesn’t even cost a lot of money. As a matter of fact, you can actually customize one single installed bulb to meet various preferences that you have.

Extra Features

Did you it can also offer ambient sound? Source: Unsplash
Did you it can also offer ambient sound? Source: Unsplash

Naturally, bulbs are designed to offer lighting only and they have remained this way for a very long time. 

But, what if you could have additional functionality on the bulbs? 

We are now starting to see light bulbs that are integrated with speakers that can produce both ambient light and ambient sound. Smart bulbs also come in multi-colored versions. 

This gives you better flexibility in choosing the type of light you want based on your mood. Besides, these bulbs can even be synced with other devices. 

This makes it easier to control them using voice commands instead of the old traditional switch.

Getting high-quality lighting helps a lot to keep your home cozy. Request a free quote today to improve the lighting in your own home! 


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