What is the Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Fence?

When it comes to fencing, there are many options you can go for, but most homeowners would go for either wood or vinyl. And of course, each of these materials has its own benefits. As you decide what to use between the two, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Wood is the more traditional choice, and the warm color options and easy customization makes it a great choice.But lately, this traditional fencing option has been getting real competition from vinyl. Vinyl is highly durable and can last you long with very little maintenance.

Vinyl fences started to make their way into the market in the 1980s. They were very basic at the time but they have evolved significantly ever since. The fences are now customizable and can deliver an elegant look to your house.

But what is the difference between vinyl and wood?

1. Vinyl Has a Higher Upfront Cost but Maintenance is Cheaper

The higher upfront cost usually scares people away. Source: Bob Vila


The cost of installing vinyl will be higher compared to wood. For instance, installing a linear foot of vinyl will cost $17 while the same length of wood fencing will cost $12. However, in the long term, vinyl will be cheaper. This is because vinyl requires very little maintenance compared to wood and can last very long with minimal repairs.

2. Wood is More Natural Than Vinyl

One of the reasons why most people choose wood over any other option is because of the natural look that it delivers. It’s definitely a beautiful finish and it will be a great addition to your landscape. In addition to this, wood can also be finished using a wide variety of designs.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is not that versatile and it will still retain that plastic look, although the options nowadays are getting better and better.

3. Vinyl is Easier to Clean

One thing you will love about vinyl fences is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. As a matter of fact, once the fence is installed, it will take months before any maintenance work is needed. And the great thing is that the maintenance is very cheap.

Cleaning vinyl is very easy compared to wood. You don’t need any special equipment or detergents. A mop and water should actually work, and this gives you a huge level of convenience.

4. Conducting Vinyl Repairs is Not Easy

Wood is much easier to repair. Source: Country Living


Although maintenance for vinyl fences is easy, if indeed repairs are needed for any reason, they will be harder to do when compared to wooden fencing. Vinyl fences can be damaged by many things despite their durability. It could be severe weather conditions, accidental impact, or anything else. But if and when that happens, you will have to spend more money and time with the repairs.

5. Wood Can Be Refinished

Although most people prefer the natural wood finish for their fences, wood can still be refinished to deliver a different look. This opens the door for extreme customization.

In addition to this,

Wooden fences can be crafted artfully for homeowners who want to make a statement. In essence, the design options for wood are much more diverse and versatile compared to vinyl.

6. Wood Offers More Options

Wood is very versatile. Source: HGTV


When you decide to use vinyl, you will only have that single option and nothing more. But wood is different. There are many different types of woods to go for. In addition to this, the finishing can also be customized to deliver a completely different look. This kind of diversity is great for homeowners who have diverse tastes when it comes to fencing.

Wood and vinyl fences are very popular. They each offer great options but they are, of course, very different. At the end of the day, the choice you go for comes down to preference. But if you really want something that looks great and unique, wood would be your best choice. Homeowners who want a durable option that will last long can go for vinyl too.

Did you make your choice, or are you still wondering which one to pick? Either way, request a free quote to start planning the project!


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