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How to Make a Halloween Candy Bar

Make this year a good year by displaying your very own touch on a Halloween candy bar display in your home. Feel free to use whatever candies and crafts come in handy this spooky season. Not only will it make the display seem more creative and artistic, it will also prompt guests to check out the candy station more readily. So get started today.

By Sean Mahan

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4 Creative and Delicious Ways to Prepare Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween is here, and that means that all around the country pumpkins are being carved into jack-o-lanterns of various shapes and sizes. One thing all these jack-o-lanterns have in common is that they used to contain seeds. While most people toss these seeds in the trash, there are tons of great recipes you can use to turn those humdrum seeds into culinary gold. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

By Marc Pasciuto

5 Lighting Upgrades Inspired by Fall

The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are starting to change - now more than ever is a great time to update your lighting as the nights are getting longer. Take a look at our favorite fall-inspired upgrades!

By Ty Leisey

This Basket Shaped Building Is Actually Real!

In the metropolitan area of Columbus, OH, the headquarters of one of the major manufacturers of objects for decoration has become a touristic attraction. Longaberger is the leading manufacturer of baskets for all kinds of uses in the U.S, and the building where it’s headquartered attracts hoards of tourists from different parts of the world. Now the building is for sale, and no one know what will happen to it.

By eHARDHAT Contributor

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