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What, When, And How: All About The Anti-Valentine's Day

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Is love in the air? Anti-Valentine's Day supporters do not agree. Celebrated on the same day, February 14th, the Anti-Valentine's Day sometimes lasts a whole week. Some common decorations for it are broken heart garlands, cynical confetti, sarcastic banners, and black balloons.

If you are tired of heart-shaped chocolates and lovey-dovey sentiments, read this guide to know everything about that celebration filled with sarcasm over sweet nothings. If you still believe in romance and just want to know how it works, do the same!

Here is everything about Anti-Valentine's Day and tips to spice up an anti-love party with captivating decorations.

What Is Anti-Valentine's Day?

Anti-Valentine's Day is a cheeky rebellion against the traditional romantic fervor of February 14th. It is a day for the unromantic, where singles and those uninterested in love can come together to celebrate individuality, independence, and a good dose of humor.

When Is Anti-Valentine's Day?

February 14th, Anti-Valentine's Day conveniently falls on the same date as its counterpart. While others are drowning in heart-shaped confetti, you can be reveling in the freedom from the clichés of traditional romance.

What To Do For Anti-Valentine's Day?

Break free from the chains of conventional celebrations! Host an Anti-Valentine's Day gathering where you and your friends can enjoy activities that celebrate independence and humor. Think game nights, comedy shows, or simply relishing in the joy of being yourself.

How To Celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day?

Some Anti-Valentine's Day ideas are to:

  • encourage guests to wear black and embrace the dark side of love with a Black Heart Bash;
  • craft bingo cards filled with humorous and cynical phrases related to love, relationships, and heartbreak for a hilarious game night;
  • let the tunes of anti-love anthems fill the air as guests belt out their favorite songs mocking romance;
  • create a symbolic bonfire where guests can safely dispose of old love letters, mementos, or anything else that ties them to the past;
  • turn the sweet treat into an anti-love statement with sarcastic icing messages and dark-themed decorations; and
  • serve up quirky, non-traditional drinks with names like "Heartbreaker" or "Love Stinks" for a fun and thematic beverage station.

Continue reading to discover some ideas for your Anti-Valentine's Day party decor!

6 Anti-Valentine's Day Party Decorations

Ready to check out the top 6 Anti-Valentine's Day party decorations?

  1. Broken Heart Garland: Hang garlands of broken hearts in red or black to set the tone for your party.
  2. Cynical Confetti: Swap out traditional confetti for pieces shaped like broken hearts, skulls, or snarky phrases.
  3. Sarcastic Banner: Create a banner with humorous anti-love messages to adorn the walls and keep the vibe light-hearted.
  4. Black Balloon Bouquet: Elevate your décor with a bouquet of black balloons – a subtle nod to the darker side of love, opposite to any Valentine's Day dinner decor.
  5. Love Sucks Centerpieces: Design centerpieces featuring wilted flowers, broken hearts, or humorous anti-love sculptures for that extra touch of rebellion.
  6. Graveyard Table Runner: Lay out a table runner with faux tombstones inscribed with humorous epitaphs for relationships that did not quite make it.

If you are planning to call your friends for the party, you can also go further and use your Anti-Valentine's Day celebration as an excuse to refurbish and decorate your house for the whole year! Find yourself a professional decorator in eHARDHAT's team and let the festivities begin.


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