Frequently Asked Questions About eHARDHAT

  1. Contractors: Where does eHARDHAT gets it’s company data?

    All information on eHARDHAT comes from public information sources, including state license boards. Different states have different information requirements, but most state license boards provide information about contractors’ licenses, contact information and insurance/bond information. The main reason to release this information is to ensure a standard of quality in the contracting industry.

    The Better Business Bureau operates under a similar principle. All information we publish is derived from these public sources: state license boards and the Better Business Bureau. Our service is designed to allow consumers better access to information that is already in the public domain. We never publish any proprietary or confidential information about businesses.

  2. Contractors: How can I fix incorrect information about my company?

    Please visit the profile page for your business and click the button that says "Is this your business? Claim your business” on top.

    Then, please fill out the registration form that follows. We ask for this information to validate your association with the business.

    Once you have filled out the registration form you will be given access to a dashboard that will allow you to update the information on your profile.

  3. Contractors: Can I add additional company information about my business to eHARDHAT?

    Yes. After claiming your business listing you can add a lot more information, including your company logo, website URL, company hours and specific projects/services that your business specializes in. Also you can add information on whether you specialize in residential or commercial projects, type of payments accepted, whether you provide emergency service and types of financing available.

  4. Contractors: I no longer wish to be listed on eHARDHAT. Can I delete my profile?

    We are always sad to see any contractor delist their profile, as we believe we provide a valuable service to both homeowners looking to find information, as well as to contractors who are trying to be found by consumers. However we understand there are different circumstances and you may no longer wish to be listed in our directory. After going through the “Claim your profile” process, once you login to your dashboard there is an option to have your account removed.

  5. Contractors: Does eHARDHAT share my information with any third parties?

    No. All information you submit to your business listing is only used to improve our site features and content presented to homeowners. This information is never shared or sold to any third parties.

  6. Homeowners: What is eHARDHAT?

    eHARDHAT is a national local contractor directory. Currently we have over 2,800,000 listings and are constantly growing. We specialize in listing home remodeling and home services pros and make it our mission to bring the most accurate and up to date information on these contractors to the public.

  7. Homeowners: Why should I use eHARDHAT?

    We created eHARDHAT because we believe consumers are entitled to all publicly available information about a contractor. We suggest performing due diligence, using our and other sites before making any hiring decisions.

  8. Homeowners: What information can I find on eHARDHAT?

    eHARDHAT gathers all publicly available information on contractors. Our primary sources of information are state licensing boards and the Better Business Bureau. For most contractors you will be able to find their licensing info, bond and insurance status, and contact information. We also include reviews, when available, from sites like Yelp.

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eHARDHAT helps people make smarter decisions about their home. We do this by providing you with information on local contractors. This way you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to make the best decision when hiring professionals to work on your home.

We gather information on contractors from various reliable sources, like the BBB and online review sites such as Yelp.

We encourage all contractors to update and correct information about their businesses, to help homeowners find them and information about their business.

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