Siding Options for Your Home and Finding the Perfect Contractor to Install It

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Choosing the right siding for your home can have a dramatic effect on its appearance.  There are numerous types available on the market giving you plenty of opportunity to find the ideal siding for your home.  However, the appearance, durability, and effectiveness of your siding at protecting the inside of your home against the outside elements is only as good as the contractor that installs it.  The following will examine the different variations of siding that are available as well as the associated advantages.  It will also give you advice geared towards finding the best contractor for your project.

Vinyl siding is an excellent option for any home, but it is imperative that you hire a professional vinyl siding contractor to ensure your siding is properly installed. It adds a beautiful look to your home, considerably decreases the amount of maintenance your home requires, and costs less than many other siding options.  As a result, vinyl is currently the most popular choice for siding in the United States.   It is worth noting that vinyl siding often comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty.

There are four types of vinyl siding currently on the market.  Seamless vinyl siding eliminates the seams that were obvious when vinyl siding was first introduced.  This type provides a smooth appearance  that is more aesthetically pleasing.  It is also extremely durable and does not corrode over time.  There are numerous colors and finishes to choose from.  Solid core vinyl siding provides the best insulation and decreases the amount of air that seeps into the home as well as outside noise.  It is also less susceptible to hail damage.  Vinyl log siding is an ideal option to traditional wood that is vulnerable to damage.  It is usually manufactured from real logs to give it an authentic look with none of the insulation or maintenance issues.   Finally, vinyl shake siding is an alternative to the elegant look of real cedar shakes with none of the upkeep.  With all the options available, it is quite simple to find the vinyl siding that is perfect for your home.

Be careful when hiring a vinyl siding contractor.  If vinyl is improperly installed there are frequently long-lasting and expensive consequences that are rarely covered by manufacturer’s warranties.  Only hire contractors that are licensed and insured.  (Be aware that a business license is not the same as a contractor’s license.)  Ask your potential contractor if they are credentialed.  There are numerous programs that a contractor can attend to obtain their credentials as an installer of vinyl siding.  You can rest assured that a contractor with solid credentials is properly trained and will install your vinyl siding properly.  Also, keep in mind that going with the lowest estimate may not save you money in the long run.

Aluminum siding is also an excellent option for your home.  It is attractive, cost effective, and durable, often lasting up to forty years.  Any damage that it obtains can easily be sanded away and repainted over.  It can easily be painted to give the outside of your home a dramatic makeover at a low price.   Overall, it is an excellent value that adds a fantastic look to your home.

There are four main types of aluminum siding to choose from.  Double 4 horizontal gives your home a very traditional look and provides a wood grain finish with a narrow width.  Double 5 horizontal is slightly larger than the 4” variety and is an ideal choice for large homes.  Single 8 horizontal is an excellent addition to contemporary and traditional homes.  It has the appearance of a wide profile clapboard and can be found in wood grain and smooth finishes.  Finally, 12 vertical has the battered look that is perfect for giving your home a rustic appeal.

Hiring an aluminum siding contractor is much like the process of hiring a vinyl siding contractor.  It is imperative that you choose someone who is a licensed contractor and is insured.  It is often a great idea to ask friends and families for recommendations.  Ask your potential contractor for references or look online to find reviews posted from previous customers.  Never hire a contractor until you are completely satisfied that will do the excellent job you deserve.

Tile siding gives an elegant appearance to your home that will last indefinitely when installed correctly.  It does not swell or warp and is almost completely resistant to rot, although it can rot if exposed to moisture for extended periods of time.  Tile siding is less commonly seen in many neighborhoods throughout the United States giving your home the opportunity to stand out among the more common varieties.  

When choosing a tile siding contractor it is crucial that they be well trained because of the increased difficulty with installation.  It is an excellent idea to ask your prospective contractor for samples of work that he or she has completed in the past.  Pictures are perfectly acceptable, but if they have an actual home you can visit, that would be outstanding.  With tile siding it is often a good idea to opt for someone who is well experienced as opposed to just beginning their career.  As with any contractor, license and insurance should  be mandatory.

Stone siding is another option that will result in an elegant look to your home.  There are five types available that each has their own advantages.  Solid stone siding offers unbeatable durability and the authentic look of naturally occurring stone.  Manufactured stone siding has the appearance of the naturally occurring material, but weighs significantly less putting less strain on your home.  Polyurethane based foam panel stone siding is installed in panels and not stone by stone.  It is significantly cheaper to install than the other stone options and is weather resistant.  Natural stone cladding is cut down to size from larger slabs and often uses granite.  It resists cracking.  Stone veneer panel siding is derived from real stone, but is designed to fit together perfectly for optimal durability.

Often stone siding is installed by stone siding companies because it is impossible to correctly place it independently.  Ask for recommendations for friends and family.  Also, look for reviews online.  Inquire as to how long each member of the installation team has been completing these projects and find out if they have any credentials.  It can’t be said enough that license and insurance are absolutely necessary to insure you hire the best contractor.

Composite wood siding enables your home to have the beautiful look of traditional wood along with the durability of engineered wood.  It is specially treated to protect against fungal decay and termite damage.  It will maintain its stunning appearance for decades with little maintenance required.

There are often fewer contractors that provide composite woods siding services.  However, this does not mean you should not hold them to the same standards as the above contractors.

Choosing a siding is a decision that requires research, thought, and careful consideration.  Don’t allow all of that to go to waste by hiring a contractor that is not able to properly install it.

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