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Replacing single pane windows on an older home is one of the best ways to improve its energy efficiency. The new windows today are double pane windows or even triple pane windows. These new windows help keep the hot air out of the building in the hot summer months. In the cold winter months, the new replacement windows keep warm air inside. Replacement window contractors can come in and replace your old windows in as little as a day. The cost buying new windows and hiring window replacement contractors is a wise expenditure when you consider the fact that you get that money back by way of energy savings. Not only that, but your home will be more comfortable to live in too. Installing new windows is also an affordable way to update your house and give it a brand new look. There are two types of replacement windows that homeowners can consider buying. Your replacement contractor can give expert advice on the best type of replacement windows to use.

Block Frame Replacement Windows

Block frame replacement windows are the best type of replacements to use in a house that has siding on the outside or bricks. They can replace the old wood framed windows one sees on many older homes. Window installation contractors that have experience replacing old windows are best at replacing old wooden windows. They know how to prepare the opening with flashing and which insulation is best to use. Window repair contractors are also able to repair broken windows in an old wooden window frame. However, sometimes your repair contractor will recommend replacing the entire window instead of just repairing an old single pane glass window. When a window replacement contractor installs this type of new window, they have to remove the entire old wooden frame first.

Flush Fin Replacement Windows

Also referred to as Z-bar windows, the flush fin type of window replacement is widely used in homes that have old aluminum windows installed in homes that have stucco on the outside. With this type of window replacement, they normally leave the old aluminum frame in place and install the new window flush against the old frame from the outside. There is also the option of installing a new construction window, but that option creates the risk of damaging the stucco when the window replacement installer takes out the old frame. This means an added expense of repairing the damaged stucco.

Choosing the best Replacement Window Contractors

When looking for a replacement window contractor, look for professionals in your area that have experience with the different types of products that are on the market for window replacements today. The best window contractors will check to make sure your existing windows are not leaking first, before installing new ones. You should get an exact quote in writing, including any extra charges for repairs to stucco or siding, etc. Your contractor will also make an estimate on how long it will take to get the job done. It depends on how many windows need replacing, and how many employees they will have working on your home at the same time.

Homeowners that do research and find information on the different types of windows on the market can also get help from professional window contractors if they are not sure which type of windows are best for their application. A good window contractor can help the homeowner by showing them pictures of the different styles and designs of windows that are available today too. Seeing newly installed windows on a home that is like yours, helps give a better idea on what your home will look like with different types of windows.

Look for professional window installers that guarantee their work. It is also a good idea to visit your local Better Business Bureau before hiring a contractor. You should also only use a licensed contractor that has a good reputation in your area. Reading reviews on the different contractors online is also a good way to find professional window installation contractors today. Homeowners can also visit websites for window replacement contractors in their area for more information on window designs, manufacturers, and brand name windows, price quotes and more.

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