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How to Hang Wall Mirrors in Your Home for the Best Effect

Mirrors are designed to offer the perfect combination of decor and function. If well placed, they can give walls the perfect accent and will always make even smaller rooms seem bigger. 


How you position the mirror really matters. It’s not like you can just hang it anywhere you want. 

In case you are not sure what the most appropriate place to hang your wall mirror is, we may have a few tips here! 

Things to Know Before You Start 

A mirror can make all the difference in a room. Source: Elle Decor
A mirror can make all the difference in a room. Source: Elle Decor 

Before you get started, it is very important to keep in mind that not all mirrors are meant to be hung on the walls. Some are actually going to work perfectly if they are leaned against it at an angle. Some mirrors may even break if they are hung on the wall. 

In addition to this, 

You cannot use a cable wire to hang the mirror on a single hook or nail. Instead, the D hook in the back will need its own single hook on the wall for safety reasons. 

Tip: You may also want to consider a tilt when you hang the mirror. Try to put it high up the wall and tilt it a bit so that it faces downwards. This will help reflect more on the room.

Tips to Hang a Mirror

The location is probably the most important thing if you want to really make the most out of your mirror. 

Here are a few suggestions on where you can actually hang it. 

  • Along the Entryway - The foyer will probably give the first impression on your home’s aesthetics and it needs to be in pristine condition. For example, putting up the mirror just above the console table can add a dramatic touch to the entryway that will dazzle everyone that comes in.

  • In the Bathroom - This one is a little obvious. Although it’s not uncommon for bathroom sinks to come with frameless mirrors of their own as part of the package, you may need to add a few extra touches to make them worthwhile. For example, adding a frame would definitely give the mirror a more stylish appeal.

  • Above the Mantel - You can also achieve a great effect by hanging the mirror just above the mantel. Just position it at least 4-5 inches above. But if the mirror frame is thick, you may want to position it a little higher.

  • Consider the Door - Although placing the mirror on the door exposes it to possible damages, it may be a great idea. In this case, use a full-length mirror that can easily cover the entire size of the door. However, make sure you have a solid core door and the right hardware to fasten the mirror into place.

Best Rooms to Consider 

The living room can benefit a lot with mirrors. Source: The Spruce
The living room can benefit a lot with mirrors. Source: The Spruce

Mirrors can be hung anywhere in the home but will do better in some rooms than others. For example, living rooms are definitely a big priority for mirrors. The mirror should be hung directly opposite the window. This will help you capitalize on the natural light to give your living room a stunning feel.

In case you are putting up the mirror in the bedroom, then consider hanging it adjacent to the window to easily help you capitalize on the morning light. The reflection will be stunning!

Other Tips and Tricks 

It’s not a bad idea to actually consider hanging a group of mirrors instead of just one. Just make sure they are hung the same way and in the same position to create the best pattern. Make sure the mirrors also go well with your decor. No need to invest in a rustic piece if your home features a contemporary decor. 

Finally, always think twice before putting up a mirror on moving objects, especially doors. Even though this is a bold idea, only go for it if you have the means to keep it fastened in place.

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