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The 4 Decorating Rules of Thumb to Refine Any Room

When most people start to make plans for decorating their interior, they often focus on things like color, texture, and patterns. These are all important decor attributes. 


The challenge is always achieving the right combination of each to deliver a stunning interior. The best interior decor often takes very simple things. But even small imperfections can wreak havoc on your entire thing. 

Whether it’s placing a small accent carpet on a large floor or missing the right color combinations for your living room, small blunders can lead to intense visual imperfections in your entire décor. 

However, in case this is your first time decorating, we may have a few tips that will help you do a great job.

Hang the Artwork at Eye Level 

If you are going to bring in artwork in your home, then you have to hang it as museums do. Instead of putting it too high, put it at the eye level. People must be able to step in and notice the art without having to cringe their necks in order to get a good view. 

In case you are planning to hang an entire collection of different pieces, decide the shape you want the various pieces to take and consider it as one single artwork. 


There may be a small variation to this when you are hanging the art over a piece of furniture. Naturally, you want the piece to be roughly 8 to 10 inches above the headboard of the furniture.

Give Your Rugs At Least Two Feet Off Room on Either Side 

It’s also important to effectively position your rugs for the best results. Accent rugs must always be proportionate to the entire room. For example, you don’t want to place a small rug in an overly large open area. 

To avoid this, it may be a good idea to always make sure that there are at least two inches on each side of your rug from the wall. Start by measuring the total size of your entire room and pick something that fits well. The goal is to make sure that your feet always step on the warm rug every time you are in the house.

Don’t Install the Lighting Too High 

Installing proper lighting can be a good way of giving your home the right ambiance. But it’s not uncommon to find various lighting solutions installed at wrong heights. For example, most homeowners tend to install wall and pendant lights too high. 

Lamps are generally installed too low to have any meaningful impact on the overall decor of your house. When installing pendant lights or a chandelier, a good rule would be to make sure that it’s 30 to 34 inches above the surface. Lamps and wall sconces, on the other hand, need to be hung at eye level.

Have the Right Tools

You will also need to have the right tools if you are going to get your decor right. There are three important tools you must always have at hand. 

  • Get a soft measuring tape. It will be a great tool to measure rounded items like lampshades and others. 

  • You will also need a stiff metal tape to measure tall heights or some of the longer expanses. 

  • Make sure you have a level. The tool is designed to guarantee proper alignment when you’re hanging stuff on your walls or installing curtains and other window treatments. 

The level can also be used in a wide variety of other home improvement projects that require proper alignment. The right tools ensure your decor is perfect. They ensure everything falls into the right place.

Decorating your home can sometimes be a daunting experience. But with the right approach, it can be done easily. Get the help of a pro to make it even simpler!


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