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12 Easy Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Crafts

Here’s everything you need to get the kids ready for Thanksgiving in the best possible way (or keep them busy while the cooking goes on)!

With these crafts, kids can have fun while maintaining a proper Thanksgiving spirit - and some of these actually let them help with setting the table and decorating your home. It will look just like Thanksgiving, and you’ll have your kids to thank for!

Leaf Painting

Leaf painting
Source: Minne Mama

It’s a lot simpler than it looks: all you need to do is get some leaves from the yard and paint over them, then remove the leaf and voilá, you have a perfect leaf shape custom art! Experiment with different colors and leaf sizes!

Paper Apple Core

Paper Apple Core
Source: Non-Toy Gifts

It’s a ridiculously simple craft for kids, and it looks adorable. You can pretty much guess all the steps by looking at the image, but the full tutorial is here!

Napkin Holders

Napkin Holders
Source: Crafts by Amanda

Beautiful, kid-friendly, and practical! It’s a nice way of letting your children actively participate on Thanksgiving day by making these cute napkin holders. The full instructions are here!

Pinecone Turkey

Pinecone Turkey Thanksgiving
Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Another beautiful piece of crafting that you can use for decoration on Thanksgiving! Be sure to help with cutting and folding the ribbons, but it should be really fun. Get the tutorial here!

Thankful Pumpkin

Thankful Pumpkin Thanksgiving
Source: The Moffatt Girls

This is a beautiful craft to make, but it also inspires reflection, since you have to write what you are thankful for in every string. It’s a great activity to let your kids have fun and learn something at the same time. Speaking of learning, you can learn how to make it here!

Beautiful Pinecone

Beautiful Pinecones Thanksgiving
Source: Whimzeecal

These are absolutely amazing, and they are so easy to do! You can use them as decorations and I’m sure your kid will feel like a true artist once it’s done. Check it out here!

Turkey Windsocks

Turkey Windsocks Thanksgiving
Source: Happiness Home Made

These turkey windsocks are easy to make and look awesome on your walls or even on your front door, to welcome guests! Click here for the tutorial and let the kids have fun!

Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkins Thanksgiving
Source: DIY Inspired

Awesome decoration for the center table - it’s unintrusive, easy to make and it looks really cool. Why don’t you show your kids the tutorial right now?

Paper Placemats

Paper Placemats Thanksgiving
Source: Say Yes

Another cool idea that’s easy to make and also practical! The kids can help organize the table for Thanksgiving with this simple paper placemat. I’m sure the guests will love it and the kids will feel great by helping! Let them start crafting right now!

Bowling Pin Turkey

Bowling Pin Turkey
Source: The Seasoned Mom

This craft is insanely easy to make and it’s also a game the kids can play together! Click here for the instructions and let the games begin!

Leaf Garland

Leaf Garland Thanksgiving
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Perfect for exercising their crafting skills! The kids may need some help with this one as it involves a lot of cutting, so be sure to help them if necessary. Here’s where to begin!

Praying Hands

Praying Hands Thanksgiving
Source: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Simple, beautiful and with a message that goes a long way. These praying hands will cheer everyone and get them in proper Thanksgiving spirit! Here’s how to do it!

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