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5 Creative Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

Giving your porch a fall look takes more than just stuffing it with fall-themed decorations. You need something more memorable that combines well with the beauty of fall to give you the best results. Unlike what many people think, decorating more often than not involves the simple things. You don’t need to go over the top but creativity is always encouraged. Here are a few décor ideas that may come handy this year.

Classic Pumpkin Décor

Blue doors for porches are very fall
Pumpkins around the door are a sure way to send that fall message. Source: Hymm

Adding playful pumpkins into your porch is definitely a must for fall. You don’t need many pumpkins. One or two placed at every corner should do. You can place the pumpkins around plant pots for the best results. If you have the time, consider a giant painting of a simple pumpkin too in one corner. It will completely transform your porch for the better.

Flower Harvest


Also great front door decor ideas
Fall is harvest time. Source: Home bnc

Colorful flowers are indeed in huge supply during fall so this shouldn’t be an issue. Start by first of all making a simple wreath. It doesn’t have to be something too complicated. Simply put together colorful flowers in a small bag and hang on the door. Once you are done with this, add two simple plant pots on either side of the door. The pots need to also feature bright colored flowers but make sure they have darker shades. Top the arrangement by two more pumpkins just next to the plant pots and that’s it. This is a perfect arrangement for the simple homeowner and it will impress everyone.

Porch Lanterns with a Twist

Torchlight has become underrated as a decor backdrop
Lanterns for fall can perfectly match the decor outside. Source: Jenna Burger

Lanterns are used as part of the outdoor décor but you can add a small twist to them to rhyme with the fall themes. Find those large lanterns first, and fill them up with pumpkins and gourds. Place the lanterns in strategic areas on the porch and that’s it.

As a rule of thumb, try to mix it up a bit with the pumpkins and gourds. For example, one Lantern could be filled with bigger gourds while the other could feature smaller more colorful ones. The lanterns will work perfect for people on a tight schedule who don’t have the time for a more elaborate décor. They are also ideal for different home styles.

Rustic Display with a Wagon Wheel

A lit up wheel of fall decor for the deck
How cool is this light up wheel of fall decor? Source: Prudent Penny Pincher

If you’re looking for a vintage design then this wagon wheel decor is ideal for you. A giant wagon wheel is the center of it all. The wheel is carefully fitted with simple lights on every inch. The wagon is placed in one corner and then complemented with a few pumpkins and brightly colored flowers. You can even add a few colorful leaves stashed in a container.

The magic of this décor comes to life at night. As the lights on the wagon wheel glow, they reflect on the bright amber pumpkins to create the perfect ambiance for your front porch.

Wood Tags on the Door

And finally, tags for your front door
Make sure everyone knows who's home this is. Source: Jamie C.

Fall is not just about the colorful flowers and décor. It’s also about appreciating special people in our life. You can use wood tags to add special messages on your door. The tags can easily be put together with jute cords. They are often used as ideal complements for wreaths.

If you want to add a little bit of color to the tags, you can combine them with some fall foliage too. This brings in a wreath like design but the messages on the tags are clearly visible for people to enjoy.

Fall décor needs to be selected very carefully. The biggest mistake most people make is adding to much clutter, especially in classic fall harvest décor designs. You need to be very careful with this. Simplicity and creativity is the best approach. Using simple DIY solutions that bring out the beauty of your front door is always recommended. The simple ideas above should indeed help you get started.

Which of these DIY porch decorating ideas are you going to make? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you’re going to be decorating your porch this season, you want it to look its best. Get a free quote from a professional today!

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