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6 Fun Family Activities to Do Together

Spending time with our family is always nice. Even though it has become harder to find time to get together and enjoy some quality time with loved ones, things have changed a bit these past few months. During this global coronavirus pandemic, most people are staying at home on lockdown.

This means that in the next few months you will probably spend a lot of hours with your parents, kids and your partner. This is, of course, a good thing but there are still a lot of things you can do to make these special moments even more memorable and fun.

Here’s a list of fun family activities you can do with your loved ones:

Play a Card Game 

We know this is something you’ve probably done before and as you can imagine, it’s always fun, especially when the kids are involved. Well, there’s no reason why you can’t do it again. 

There are many variations of card games these days and you have enough time during this quarantine to try them all. The usual card deck allows for some family poker (without real money, of course) and custom decks like Uno are great for family games.

Uno also has special cards that let participants create a new card that bends the rules, which is super fun to experiment with!

Enjoy a Family Picnic

While picnics in the park will have to wait, you can always have a delicious family picnic in your own backyard!

Even during this pandemic, there are still ways to enjoy a picnic. Backyard picnics are very popular and are also easy to plan – a simple rug on the grass is enough for a set up, but if you have some patio furniture, make use of them. Besides, there are many fun activities to do with kids outside!

For those of you living in major cities, a rooftop picnic is also highly recommended – as long as you obey the safety and health rules of the building, of course.

Create a reading club

Even if you can’t leave to buy books for everyone right now, that’s no problem – everyone nowadays has an iPad, Kindle, or smartphone, right? Well, why not encourage some reading through these devices?

You can all get a book, read it within a week and then all get together to discuss it! You can purchase the book digitally or maybe even get it for free under a subscription service.

Gardening Together

Gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby that can even yield real fruits and vegetables for your family. It might be a great time to teach the kids how it all works, so they can help and learn the benefits of gardening, such as how investing time into something can be a lot of fun!

Growing some herbs or flowers in your garden together with the rest of your family will be a remarkable bonding experience. It will also go a long way in producing enough vegetables to spice up your home recipes!

Try Board Games

This is yet another amazing way to spend time with your family without leaving the house. 

Board games, just like card games, are extremely popular and there are many age-appropriate games that you can enjoy together with the kids as a way to exercise their imagination and strategic planning.

You can even try Monopoly, though that’s likely the most depressing board game in existence. Maybe stick to Clue or Candyland for now!

Cook Together 

Kids are always very interested in new activities and cooking is fun and rewarding in equal measures. If they are old enough, you can actually let them make simple dinner recipes – under supervision, of course.

For younger kids, bring them in to cook with you. You can have them clean up the veggies or prepare the salad. They can handle simple tasks that don’t involve messing with the stove or knives and these will give them a sense of responsibility!

Since most of us are home, this is the perfect time to plan your next big project! Talk to a local contractor today and start budgeting your next big move!


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