HVAC Duct Replacement: 5 Amazing Tips

Professional doing duct replacement in a house

A proper HVAC duct replacement may solve problems like uneven temperatures and high utility bills. Guarantee a successful replacement by scheduling an assessment, deciding the size of your HVAC duct, or sealing and insulating it, for example!

Remember that a well-maintained and efficient duct system is essential for optimal heating and cooling in your home.

In this guide, you will learn the key aspects of HVAC duct replacement and five valuable tips to achieve it successfully.

Should You Replace Your HVAC Ductwork?

Considering a residential HVAC duct replacement? Check to see if the ductwork that has been in use for several years developed leaks or cracks. Also, search for excessive wear. All of it can lead to energy loss and inconsistent airflow – other signs for you to look at.

Furthermore, outdated ducts may not be sized correctly for your current HVAC system, which can also hinder efficiency. So, if you are experiencing uneven temperatures, poor indoor air quality, and rising energy bills, it might be the perfect time to explore the benefits of duct replacement.

When Should You Replace HVAC Ducts?

While regular inspections by a professional HVAC technician are crucial for you to discover if it is already the right time to replace your HVAC ducts, some common indicators include visible damage, strange noises coming from the ducts, and a substantial drop in airflow. 

If your ducts are more than 15-20 years old, or your home has undergone renovations, it is advisable to go for the replacement if you can. To ensure proper heating and cooling!

How Long Should HVAC Ducts Last?

Typically, HVAC ducts are designed to last around 15 to 25 years. However, this lifespan can vary based on factors such as the quality of installation, maintenance, and the materials used. 

Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your ducts, but eventually, wear and tear will take its toll. Monitoring the performance of your ductwork and recognizing warning signs can help you plan for replacement before major issues arise.

And if you are wondering if it is possible to have a DIY HVAC duct replacement, you need to read what comes next!

How To Replace HVAC Ducts: 5 Tips You May Be Searching For

Take a look at those tips right now! Replacing HVAC ducts may be just as simple as cleaning the AC fins.

1.  Schedule Professional Assessment

Begin by scheduling a comprehensive inspection with a licensed HVAC professional. They can assess the condition of your existing ductwork, identify inefficiencies, and recommend the appropriate replacement strategy.

2.  Decide On Proper Sizing

Ensuring your new ductwork has the correct size is crucial for efficient heating and cooling. An experienced HVAC technician can calculate the optimal duct size to match the requirements of your system and the layout of your home.

3.  Seal And Insulate

Proper sealing and insulation prevent energy loss and maintain consistent temperatures. Opt for high-quality sealing materials and insulation to maximize energy efficiency.

4.  Upgrade To Flexible Ducts

Consider upgrading to flexible ducts, which are easier to install, adapt, and maintain. Flexible ducts also reduce the chances of leaks and improve overall airflow.

5.  Use Energy-Efficient Options

Explore energy-efficient ductwork materials, such as fiberglass or metal with insulation, to reduce heat transfer and diminish your energy consumption.

And pay for everything, of course! The price may be a little higher than you think, but it is worth it.

What Is The Average Cost To Replace HVAC Ducts?

On average, homeowners can expect to invest between $ 1,500 to $ 5,000 for duct replacement. The HVAC duct replacement cost varies depending on the size of the house, the complexity of the installation, and the type of duct material chosen.

Again, the process has everything to be a substantial investment, and the long-term benefits of improved energy efficiency and reduced utility bills make it a worthy upgrade.

Don’t let a simple HVAC duct replacement be in the way of efficient and comfortable heating and cooling at your home. Call eHARDHAT's HVAC pros for the best service and deal.


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