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Meet The Most Beautiful Rooms in Italy

Italy is revered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, known for its charming medieval towns, ripe vineyards, and flowering landscapes. It’s also known as the country of fashion and sophistication. The people of Italy are known for their style, history of the arts, and ability to cultivate great things. With such rich culture, artistry, and gastronomic talents, it’s no wonder why the style of Italy is often sought after for interior design inspiration.

Get inspired below by Italy’s unique décor:

Meet the most beautiful rooms Italy has to offer.

In a factory building on the outskirts of Milan, fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura crafted a sleek loft that's the perfect stopover in between his global travels.

A stunning bit of paradise in Italy.

On a remote volcanic island south of Sicily, a renowned Italian architect, Flavio Albanese, created his own personal Eden.

A stunning room from Italy.

This is the dining room of Mehall Griffey and Jerry Maggi's apartment in Sicily. While visiting the famed Italian island, the couple found by chance an ideal 19th-century apartment, which they rejuvenated without sacrificing any of its old-world charm.

A wonderful old world Italian library that was renovated without losing its natural charm.

The library at the home of Johannes and Cecily Trapp, which was built in the 13th century in what is now northern Italy; the bookshelves are family heirlooms from Hans Graf Trapp, Johannes's uncle.

Such a wonderfully modern Italian room with a throw-back to the past with those red arm chairs.

Italian public relations guru Roberto Begnini resides in this historical palazzo in Rome. The pair of armchairs are from the San Carlo Theater. This inveterate traveler assembles a global array of cultural riches and flea-market finds to create a distinctly personal refuge.

From the capital Rome, also known as the Eternal City, comes the promise of a journey through time, discovering the power of the Roman Empire, and its influence on the Baroque and Renaissance art. It is the metropolis of the “dolce vita,” where real estate and luxury penthouses shine with old world charm and decor.

As the economic and financial capital of Italy, Milan embodies the fashion and nightlife Italy has to offer. It is the perfect city for those who want to find luxury apartments or houses with facades in the liberty style, neo-classical style, or modern style.

While the Italians are moving forward with the times, sporting the latest gadgets and the newest creations of the fashion world, there’s still a part of them that continues to value the beauty and grace of the Italian home.

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