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6 Smart Nursery Decorating Tips that Every Parent Should Know

Taking your baby home is one of the most anticipated events in most people's lives. And interior room design takes a spot close to second. Of course, you need to prepare a nursery room to welcome home the newest member of the family. Most parents want everything to be perfect for the baby’s arrival and that includes the nursery room’s decor design. If you have such a goal, then below are a few smart nursery decorating tips that can help you with that endeavor:

Kid-Friendly Furniture

Light DIY painting for your baby's nursery
Apartment decorating ideas for newborns. Source: Project nursery

Just like any room in your home, the nursery will require decor and furniture. Take the time to find the right crib as it's the most important furniture in the nursery. Make sure that it's safe and durable. It's best that you don't buy a crib from an online store.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

The reason for this is that you want to "kick the tires" per say. When shopping for a crib, try rocking it and giving it a shake. Ensure that the entire crib is sturdy. Definitely stay away from something that is shaky and flimsy. You can't really do this when you are buying online so your best option is to check out the local furniture store.

DIY cribs aren't really recommended for child safety
How to decorate a crib. Source: Amazon

Aside from the crib, other furniture pieces you may need are chairs and a table. Pick the ones that are comfortable and not too high for a soon-to-be toddler. These may be the few pieces it’s best not to DIY. Don’t forget to add wall themes for bedrooms.

Smart Storage

You'll also want to decorate the nursery with smart storage solutions as they promote a clutter-free environment for you and the baby. Keep in mind that you will have to take into consideration the overall theme of the nursery. It's best if the storage style fits the overall interior room design of the nursery.

Natural Fabrics

Parents may not realize this at first but a nursery will require different types of fabric. Curtains, carpets, crib beddings, and even some furniture will feature fabric. As this is a nursery room, make sure that the fabric is baby-friendly and made of natural materials.

Apartment decorating for the baby
Pretty in pink. Source: Pinterest

Keep in mind that some fabrics and dyes used to color them may potentially harm the infant. Hence, it's best that you specifically ask for fabrics that are baby-friendly. Cotton is a good example.

Modern Lighting

The nursery will also require lighting. And when it comes to nursery lighting, it's best to opt for lights with adjustable levels of illumination intensity. Super bright lights may be too harsh for the baby's eyes. With adjustable lighting, you can tone down the light without going completely dark.

If you are really serious about the lighting, purchase smart lights. With smart lights, you will be able to control and adjust the lighting intensity through your smartphone. You can also set a specific intensity at specific times.

Think Age-Neutral

Decor design that can meet different ages for your child
Interior decorating styles for kids of any age. Source: Pinterest

Your baby is just going through one of the many stages of life. A baby soon grows to be a toddler, and then a kid and then a teen. To be cost-savvy and smart, you'll want to decorate the nursery with age-neutral bedroom decor accessories. This means that you should choose carefully the colors, designs, and themes that will go well no matter the age of your child.

Creating and decorating a room specifically for a baby will mean that you have to re-do everything once the child reaches its toddler or teen years. If you have the time and budget, then it's all well and good. If you want to keep the cost down, then always think "age-neutral."

Safety Fixtures

DIY baby safety protocols
Cap those outlets. Source: Babymatehome

When decorating a nursery room, it's easy to fall in love with the different accessories and ideas, making you forget about the safety measures. However, safety measures are more important than any "cute curtain" and such. At the very least, your nursery room should feature cabinet door locks, door stoppers, window locks, and outlet covers.

So, that's it for now. When it comes to ideas for decorating nurseries, there are a lot of smart ideas out there. The tips mentioned above are your steps in the right direction.


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