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Protect your Home with Our Winter Pest Control Tips

Every winter homes experience a higher degree of wear and tear both inside and out than they do at any other time of year! While many of these effects are apparent to anyone to see including the need for plumbing insulation, door and window insulation, and roof repair, the most damaging conditions that may arise this winter are from a far too often overlooked problem: pest infestation.

For many homeowners, winter is the time of year when concerns about pests are as minimally pressing as possible, but with the freezing temperatures outside a wide variety of different insects and rodents seek shelter within the same walls you do and end up causing lasting damage to everything from your home’s cleanliness and comfort to its structural stability and the health of all those inside. With so much at stake, ensuring that your home is properly insulated against pest infestations is a crucial part of having a home that you’re happy and comfortable in come spring. To get started with your home’s pest control services, here are some simple and effective ways to prevent winter infestations.

Keep a Clean Home

A hassle to be sure, but regular cleaning of your home, especially in areas you’re less likely to spend time can greatly discourage the nesting and thriving of whatever pests may get within your walls. Making a concerted effort to aerate spaces like your attic, basement, and crawlspace and to dust and vacuum in places which would be easy hiding places for pests is vital both to keeping your home’s air quality as high as possible and keeping your home free from annoying and dangerous invaders. This year, with many parts of the country experiencing record drops in temperature this simple effort can be particularly beneficial at kicking out pests which are beginning to settle into your home. Following it with a fresh application of insulation and weatherstripping helps to ensure that the place through which they exited isn't open to any re-entries.

Insulation and Weatherstripping

Insects and rodents are just as focused on getting out of the cold as you are in the winter and have been known to use even the tiniest opening they can find to get access to the warmth and food your home promises. For just that reason, homeowners should treat every crack and crevice where they feel a draft as a potential entrance for invaders on top of being a definite exit for the heat you pay for! Be sure to thoroughly weatherstrip your home’s windows and doors and apply caulking and other sealants to any cracks or crevices you find around your home. There are now even sealing agents which are specially formulated to deter pests like ants, termites, and even mice from coming near your home!

Contact an Exterminator

Whether your home is still experiencing major infestation issues after you've already taken preventative steps like those mentioned above or you aren't confident about the reliability of your home’s defenses, then the best step you can make is to speak with a certified home exterminator in your area about having a complete home inspection performed. These professionals are trained to identify any signs of pest infestation and provide the exact solutions needed to ensure your home is comfortable and safe all year round.


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