6 Reasons Why You Need to Inspect Your Boiler Regularly

Winter is well and truly upon us which means that homeowners are going to have to take measures geared towards ensuring proper maintenance of key systems within and around the home. 

A boiler inspection should be a part of your to-do list at this time of the year as it plays a huge role in keeping your house warm during the winter. 

Keep in mind that these machines have been inactive all summer long, perhaps even before that during spring, and a lack of activity can slow your boiler down and reduce its level of efficiency when it starts going up again.

The last thing you need is for your boiler to break down or fail in the middle of the winter because that will leave you cold and it can be potentially dangerous as well. For best results, here are the main benefits of boiler maintenance to make sure that you’ll have a warm winter as a homeowner: 

Increases Safety


Boilers can also produce a lot of carbon monoxide because of the way they’re built but this gas is emitted through an exhaust pipe to keep it out of your home. However, poor boiler maintenance can make it easier for the harmful gas to seep into your home and you’ll never even know it because it’s odorless. 

Boilers have also been shown to explode when not maintained properly so you want to look after yours year after year. 

Makes It Energy Efficient

The boiler can be an extremely complicated piece of machinery with several moving parts for you to take care of at the same time. The problem is that these different components can get worn out at different times so you have to be really vigilant as a homeowner when dealing with residential boiler repair.

The easiest way to maintain your boiler and keep it working in mint condition is to ensure that all of its components are working efficiently and in good condition. 

Makes You Compliant with Local Laws

Depending on where you live, your state might have regulations that require you to frequently inspect your boiler machine in order to avoid boiler malfunctions, which can be dangerous. 

Failure to adhere to these laws can lead to costly fines. For best results, it’s recommended to adhere to local inspection regulations for both your sake and that of your home. 

Saves a Lot of Money

Contrary to popular belief, boilers use a lot of energy each year and the only other system that uses more energy than them are HVACs. 

The good news is that regular boiler servicing can save you a lot of money down the road because then your boiler is less likely to break down or require costly repairs. 

Extends Its Lifespan

Boilers don’t come cheap so it’s important for you to make the most of your investment by getting as many years out of your boiler as possible. 

You can do this by getting a professional to regularly inspect and maintain your boiler so that it can continue to operate efficiently for longer. This way, you can keep your boiler for up to 15 years without experiencing any issues. 

Helps with Warranty

Each boiler manufacturer has its unique set of rules when it comes to the way it produces its products and the kind of warranty that they offer. 

The good news is that a vast majority of boiler manufacturers require homeowners to provide proof of regular boiler inspection and maintenance in order to benefit from the warranty. Failure to do so releases the company from fulfilling their warranty and renders it null and void. 

Whether you have a residential electric boiler or a gas boiler, there’s no denying the importance of conducting regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the long-lasting efficiency of your boiler and to benefit from the warranty in the long run.


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