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Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Here's an example of what rustic decor in the bedroom could look like
Do you want your bedroom to have a country flair? Source: Homey Life

There are so many great ideas that you can explore to revamp your bedroom. However, going for a rustic farmhouse style can be quite charming. A rustic décor is romantic, unique, and cozy. It offers the ultimate bedroom experience and the great thing is that you don’t need to do a lot. A few simple decorations can really make the difference. In this post we are going to help you remodel your bedroom and give it that magical rustic look you’ve been looking for.

“I love really simple colours at home - lots of cream, beige, and grey with rustic wooden tables.” - Ella Woodward

Rustic Windows

The windows in the bedroom are all very important. They are not just there for ventilation. Windows can add to the interior appeal of the entire room so pay attention to them. As for a rustic bedroom décor, you must go for rustic windows. There are many designs nowadays. Besides, rustic window designs are quite breathtaking even if they are installed in a contemporary home.

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Adding a few plant pots in your bedroom might not be your first priority but it does play a role in delivering the rustic décor. You don’t need to add a lot of plants. Even one pot at the corner will do. Several smaller pots can also a great choice. There can never be a complete farmhouse rustic bedroom without a little bit of green.

Black And White Accents

Let’s talk about the accents. Although you are allowed to be creative here, at least make sure there is white and black in your design. Better yet, you can make it white and black only. Accents usually play a big role on how the overall decor will look. Rustic décor always goes well with black and white accent. It’s the perfect combination that truly brings out the glamour and unique ambiance of a farmhouse bedroom.

Wrought Iron Beds

A wrought iron bedframe will really bring in the bedroom
What a cozy bedroom. Source: Timeless

We are by no means suggesting that you throw away your bed in favor of wrought iron beds. However, if you want to go rustic all the way, then you must get a wrought iron bed. This is perhaps the signature furniture in a rustic farmhouse bedroom. Wrought iron beds are also very common these days and modern designs are not only vintage in style but they are strong and durable too. A farmhouse rustic bedroom needs to be classic. Adding a wrought iron bed will go a long way in making sure of this. You can paint it black and use white beddings for the best results.

Classic Nightstands

Just like the wrought iron beds, a classic nightstand is signature furniture in the farmhouse rustic bedroom. And we are not talking about any nightstand. Try those vintage stands that look rugged and classy at the same time. You will find many of them in the market. Dark brown with no paint is highly recommended. You can also add a vintage style lamp on top or a small plant pot in its place. Either way, it will look amazing.

Vintage Chandeliers

Here's a chandelier that your bedroom can benefit from!
For a truly rustic look, try out a brass chandelier. Source: Savelights

Finally, deliver the most amazing final touch to your rustic bedroom design with a classic or vintage style chandelier. Lighting is a key part of design and even in farmhouses it plays a central role in setting the mood. You can use various forms of lighting but there has to be a vintage chandelier hanging at the top. This will not just add to the class in the room but it will be a unique accessory that will bring everything together.

Designing a beautiful farmhouse bedroom is not very difficult. Everybody has their own design tastes or preferences and more often than not rustic designs cross the minds of many. The simple ideas above will help you create the perfect rustic bedroom. It will be unique, classy, and above all, very cozy. Don’t forget to get inspiration from other ideas too just to widen your options.

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