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The Best of Fall - November Home Checklist

Since the first leaf falls, the season starts shifting to a classic movie dignified scenario. But the beauty of Fall comes with a series of necessary home maintenance tasks to make sure everything is completely safe and comfortable. Achieving these simple steps by the end of November will weather proof your home and allow you to enjoy what this season has best to offer.

Install Storm Doors and Windows -

This is needed to protect your home from drafts and storms, to prevent any excess waste of energy and to maintain the heat.

Doors and Windows -

Check for any signs of damage, decay, gaps or cracks. Replace or repair anything that's necessary. Caulk around windows or doors that show drafts and fix the weather-stripping to prevent the heat from escaping too.

Clean Up After the Leaves -

Include this step as a part of your regular routine during fall. Start early in the season and regularly maintain the cleaning by sweeping and collecting the leaves before they accumulate too much. An excess of dirt, debris and leaves will clog the rain gutters, causing leaks. If your house is more than one story high, it’s better to hire a professional and avoid any accidents by doing it unsafely.

Garden, Deck, and Lawn -

Shut off exterior faucets, drain the water from pipes, sprinkler heads and valves. The low temperatures may freeze the water and damage faucets and attached hoses. Trim any branches close to the house and electrical wires. Clean up the dirt and debris from all decks, drains, and gutters to avoid any blockage. Inspect handrails and stairs to avoid any accidents. Be sure to have a good supply of snow melting products and sand.

Take Care of Outdoor Furniture, Tools, and Machinery -

Clean up and cover the furniture you’re not going to put in storage with heavy tarp. Make sure to keep the leaf and snow blower, shovels, and other seasonal tools in perfect working condition and at easy access. In order to prevent any rusting, spray the tools with a lightweight oil.

Roof and Sidings -

Look carefully into any signs of damage on the roof, chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, sidings, and shingles, replacing for new ones and ensuring safety during storms and heavy snow.

Check Basic Safety Devices -

Examine all the humidifiers, replacing evaporator pads and cleaning air filters. Change old thermostats to new programmable ones and save money on heating. Double check carbon monoxide sectors and smoke alarms. If you find any leaks or exposed ducts in the attic, basement, or crawl spaces, fix with a sealant. Be careful with the fireplace and flue system, for if they become dirty or broken, they can cause a fire hazard.

Decorate and Get in the Mood -

Clean your porch, renovate and decorate to give your home a complete fall look with flowers or pumpkins to make it even more beautiful with the color changing leaves and upcoming holidays. Engage in creative decorating projects, have fun pumpkin picking and carving with the kids, or transform a room by changing colors, building a comfortable and inviting nook, an elegant fireplace or that special decor project you've always dreamt about. Now is the time.


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