These 5 Wall DIY Ideas Will Transform Your Home

You know that plain white wall in your home? Well, it’s craving your creativity! If you’re out of money or out of ideas on how to make your home’s walls look pretty amazing, we are glad to help you. The main tip is to make everything brighter and more colorful, and to let your imagination flow. That dull wall of yours can look better than you think with a little unique wallpaper or wall decor!

1.Get Washed in Water Colors

This removable wallpaper will add beautiful color to your walls!
This watercolor removable wallpaper will bring beautiful color to your walls via Etsy

This removable wallpaper will bring eternal spring to your room.

2.For when you’re feeling a bit prickly.

For anyone who lives in the desert (or wishes they could) and loves colorful cacti, this is the wallpaper for you!
This colorful cactus wallpaper will brighten up your home via Etsy

What about this cactus wallpaper? These colorful cacti and flowers will brighten up your home!

3.When you’re feeling tropical

For a tropical vibe throughout your home, go with this super colorful and pretty wallpaper!
Looking for a way to add tropical decor to your home? Try this great wallpaper via Etsy

Create your own Banana Republic inside your home. Here, you absolutely rule!

4. When you feel like going in for the kiss.

For romantic walls, try this beautiful wallpaper!
Add beauty and romance to your walls with this great wallpaper via Houzz

Just a splash of lipstick color!

5.When you want a futuristic vibe.

For futuristic decor, opt for these cool wooden wall art pieces!
For great futuristic decor, choose these unique wooden wall art pieces via Etsy

Your home is your hive, right? This wood wall art will make a statement.

Walls can express the personality of the homeowners and set a special mood to any environment. Look for more ways to bring life to your walls here.


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