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Swimming Pool Refinishing Cost in Richmond, VA

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What is the cost to Refinish Swimming Pools in Richmond, VA?

Knowing the swimming pool refinishing in Richmond costs is important to being able to effectively plan and budget your project. While there are general nationwide numbers available, they usually do not include local factors that may impact the final price, which may include: local hourly labor wages, materials costs, as well as productivity rates. There may be certain Richmond permits required by local state and city laws, which can raise the total cost as well.

Our numbers show that on average in 2014 total swimming pool refinishing Richmond costs have been $697.74 to $801.60.

To breakdown that number by square foot the averages are $3.48 to $4.01 per square foot. This number includes the following:

  1. Average labor costs per hour in Richmond which are typical of swimming pool refinishing projects.
  2. Materials and equipment costs necessary to refinish swimming pools in Richmond, VA, as well as any applicable delivery charges.
  3. Any applicable project preparation (necessary components, machinery and surface preparation) and cleanup fees.
Please note that our figures do not include:
  1. Richmond permits required for swimming pool refinishing projects, which may also include inspection and building fees. Please contact Richmond city government to inquire which permits may be necessary.
  2. Supply and material city sales taxes in Richmond, 23219 area.
  3. Supply and material county and state sales taxes in Richmond City county, Virginia.
  4. Richmond general contractor fees, if used for the project. Such fees usually add another 15% to the total. Using a general contractor is generally not required for Richmond swimming pool refinishing projects.

Swimming Pool Refinishing Richmond Projects - Cost Breakdown:

  1. $424.73 to $505.95 - typical hourly labor costs seen for swimming pool refinishing Richmond projects in 2014.
  2. $273.01 to $295.64 - typical costs associated with Richmond swimming pool refinishing projects in 2014. This figure may include connectors, replaceable components and fittings, as required.
Use these figures as rough guidelines, in order to do preliminary budgeting. We always recommend contacting several local Richmond contractors that specialize in swimming pool refinishing projects. Getting estimates from several pros will help you get a better idea of local costs to refinish swimming pools in Richmond. Please use our “Get Estimate” button to get real free quotes from local companies.

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