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Winter Projects You Can Do for Less Than $500

winter projects for less than 500 dollars
Source: Fortune Builders

There’s really no better time to take care of home improvements! A lot of homeowners consider many factors before they get to work including whether they have enough money to take care of the project on time.

Well, the winter is now upon us and if you’re sitting there thinking your home could really use an uplift, then there are a few projects that you can do for less than $500.

Here are some of the top picks we have for you:

1. Landscape Fertilization

One of the easiest home improvement projects you can start off at the onset of winter is the landscape. This is where you give your landscape all the nutrients it needs to flourish once the snow starts to come down fast. We’re talking about adding fertilizer on the trees around your property, the grass, the garden, and any other plant out there.

2. Interior Paint

Exterior projects can be done during winter but they are a little bit harder compared to interior ones. One simple and low-cost project you can undertake is painting your interior walls for that room that needs a makeover. There’s nothing that a little paint can’t fix, right?

There’s always a lot of beauty that comes with a new coat and the cold winter months give you the chance to do this in less than five hundred bucks. Besides, painting interior walls can go a long way in enhancing the value of your property.

3. Seal Air Leaks and Other Openings

seal air leaks and other openings
Source: All State Blog

During the cold winter months, you will, of course, need to keep your home warm. But it’s very difficult to actually do this at an efficient level if there are so many air leaks and openings around the home.

Insulation can save you a lot of money in energy costs and as such, it’s important to get rid of the leaks and openings just before the winter seasons starts. Sealing off the air leaks can also have additional benefits for your home.

They can help reduce noise from the outside, lower the amount of pollutants entering the home, and help you control the humidity.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

It seems like most of these projects are designed to get you ready for the winter but they are of course all important. Just at the onset of the cold season, it may also be a nice idea to install a programmable thermostat at home.

A programmable thermostat will help you customize the heating and cooling system at home to meet your needs. Based on the size of your home, the project can cost anywhere between $200 and $300.

5. Insulate the Attic

It’s important to make sure that your home is fully insulated for winter, and the attic is the best place to start. A lot of people tend to ignore it until it’s too late and this leads to many expenses when it comes to electricity and energy bills.

You cannot afford to make this mistake. Make sure the attic is properly insulated and if you have enough time, you can also take care of other areas too.

6. Refurbish Your Doors

refurbish your doors
Source: Home Guides

Finally, you may also want to refurbish your doors too. Interior door, in particular, can play a very important role in decorating the entire home. Whether they’re worn out or old, replace them with new ones. If the knobs are no longer as elegant as they used to be, get new ones. Just make sure they look stunning.

There are many projects that you can do at home during winter but if you’re tight on money, the ones above will be perfectly okay. They cost very little and they will go a long way in giving your home the uplift it truly needs.


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