3 Fantastic Father’s Day DIY Projects

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, time is running out to come up with a great way to show your dad how much he means to you and while everyone else in the neighborhood rushes to the store to buy the same presents as every year, this is the perfect time to show you dad how much you care with some simple, meaningful remodels, decorations, and entertainment tips. With these easy Father’s Day focused projects you’re sure to give dad the amazing time and memories he deserves.

Deck and Porch Improvements

Your dad’s back deck and front porch are the home of summer memories and this Father’s Day you can ensure that they are again! Quick projects like pressure cleaning and deck refinishing are great ways to renew the look and feel of an old deck to ready it for another day of grilling and chilling as a family. These projects are typically easy enough to be a great DIY task for you in the days leading up to Father’s Day and for more crafty and active fathers this provides an excellent chance to spend time together working on a new project. That said, if you don’t feel up to such a job consider some other deck decorating projects like running strings of lights along the handrails and guardrails that surround the space to make a dinner with dad on the back deck look awesome!

Landscaping Leisure

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Another great opportunity to provide for your dad or to spend quality time working alongside him, landscaping projects including everything from mowing the lawn to working in the garden and hanging a relaxing hammock are perfect for the sunny Sunday ahead! What makes these DIY projects even better is how easy it is to tailor them to your dad’s particular interests. If dad loves spending time taking care of his garden this is an excellent opportunity to bond over a beer and some blooms and if he’s more into sports it’s easy to create a mini putting green or even a small outdoor patio to watch the big game in while still getting some sun and fresh air. These projects are able to be customized perfectly to the man your father is allowing for a highly personal and meaningful gesture from his son or daughter.

Outdoor Kitchen Set-Up

For the ultimate in Father’s Day grilling there’s no competing with a gorgeous new outdoor kitchen installation and while there may not be enough time to plan a hire out a project that expansive and hire a skilled outdoor kitchen remodeling contractor to perform the work there’s still enough time to develop a DIY outdoor cooking space that any dad would be proud to call their own. Use the existing layout of your dad’s deck, patio, or backyard to create as comprehensive a grilling area as possible complete with a properly cleaned grill, cooler or mini-fridge, easily assembled counter and storage space, and a separate seating area to enjoy the food and company together. Be sure to invest in a quality awning or patio cover to protect the space from any unwanted weather conditions or animal visitors and you’ll soon have a fantastic new entertaining and cooking area to share with dad and the whole family.


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