5 Awesome Hardscaping Ideas

Hardscaping can involve anything in your backyard that is built from concrete or the like. It’s not really about what you have decided to use, but how these various elements come together. A lot of homeowners today consider the exterior as an extension of the home and as such, it’s not a surprise that over the years a lot of attention has been brought to the backyard. There are so many hardscaping ideas; some are awesome, others spectacular, and others not so much. When you step out of your home, you can think of hundreds of ways to improve the outdoors using the proper DIY hardscaping techniques. In order to simplify this for you, we decided to create a list of the best hardscaping ideas for your home backyard. Think about adding:

  • Furniture
  • Patio extension
  • Bar
  • Grille
  • Swimming pool
  • Pathways
  • Layered structures
  • Something unique in your backyard

Create Your Own Little Getaway

Custom backyard landscaping ideas
Backyard patio. Source: Pinterest

When it comes to developing the best resorts in the world, it doesn’t take rocket science but it’s a backyard design that anyone can DIY. In case you decide to transform your backyard into your own little paradise resort, go with comfy furniture for your patio. Just find a picture of a resort you love or a resort you’ve visited. See if you can recreate it. It doesn’t even have to be 100% perfect, just relaxing. You can choose what aspects to include in your exterior and what not to. Don’t forget the swimming pool, though. It will truly make it worth your while.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” - Milton Berle

A Simple Leisurely Garden

Backyard swimming pool for your home exterior
Some small backyard ideas. Source: HGTV

Gardening can never disappoint when it comes to hardscaping but instead of just creating a normal simple garden, try and be creative a bit. What you should be looking for here is a simple leisurely walk through garden with stucco perimeter walls, a water fountain, and some elegant stairs leading to it. Add a few plants and flowers around the pathways and you’ll have the best place to chill out when you just want all the quiet the world can offer.

A Giant Prefab Chessboard

Unique garden patio ideas, like a backyard chess game!
Backyard chess, perhaps? Source: Someday Crafts

If you’ve played chess before then you know how beautiful the chessboard is. But, what if you could translate that board into your landscape? Well, it’s possible and this giant prefab chess landscape will deliver just the perfect experience. In addition to the chessboard, you can add a few columns here and there with additional stone crowns sculpted to perfection. A combination of all these features will definitely deliver the perfect outdoors for your home.

Simple Casual Entryway

DIY hardfscape structures
Hardscape and landscape design ideas. Source: HGTV

This casual entryway is designed for homeowners who want a minimalist, sophisticated backyard design. Hardscaping is not really all about the creative pools and water fountains, it’s all about creativity and simplicity. Nothing embodies these virtues more than this casual entryway and when you take the time to see just how beautiful it is, you’ll agree that it’s worth trying.

Extend Your Living Space

Exterior patio furniture for any home!
Garden landscape design. Source: Myo

Transforming your patio into an outdoor version of your living room can add more magic to your exterior than ever before. Start by building low walls to divide the patio into various rooms, bring in the furniture and set it. Get a fireplace built at the corner. Don’t also forget to add lanterns as part of the new found exterior space. For family dinners at night, this would be the place to make memories. It’s such a creative design for the contemporary homeowner.

The backyard can be just as comfortable and livable as the indoors. All it takes is a creative hardscaping idea and you’ll be good to go. While there are many ideas out there, the ones above should do for any home.


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