3 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Summer

After such a long and dreary winter, kids and parents alike are anxious to spend time outside in the sun. But many outdoor spaces take a beating in the snow and winter weather and are in desperate need of some time and attention. Your yard should be a space as well thought-out as the rest of your house, whether you plan to spend every day outside this summer or if you just want a calming area to have guests in occasionally. By focusing on these three areas, you can put in the effort now and save yourself from long hours of work later.

Outdoor Living Space

Creating a relaxing outdoor living space is essential for the perfect backyard for summer.
Create a relaxing outdoor living space to make your summer even better.

With the snow cleared and temperatures beginning to rise, late spring is a great time to update the outdoor living spaces of your yard for maximum summer relaxation time. Whether you’re giving your deck or gazebo a fresh coat of paint or you’re redesigning and rebuilding your entire outdoor bar-b-que pit, beginning (and maybe even finishing!) those projects early gives you more time to enjoy them this season without waiting for the next. An updated and spacious outdoor living area can increase the value of your home and add square footage to your livable space, especially with the addition of outdoor furniture. Look for designs that complement the interior design of your home and fit the size of your yard for a cohesive and luxurious home environment.

Gardening and Summer Flowers

Prepare your yard for summer by planting beautiful flowers and making sure your lawn is taken care of.
Plant beautiful flowers to add eye-catching color and dimension to your yard.

An easy way to create a colorful and exciting outdoor space is by taking advantage of unused space to grow beautiful flowering plants in a garden. With such an extensive range of options to choose from, a gardening center can help you pick a variety of plants that will grow well in your climate and fit in the space you have available. Flowering bushes or hedges, like rose bushes, lilac bushes, and hydrangeas, can help decorate the perimeter of your yard, and building raised or even tiered garden beds can serve as an interesting focal point and help decorate that colorful, picturesque space you imagine. Also, use your garden beds to begin growing a variety of summer fruits and vegetables for super fresh produce and easy access to veggie sides during the grilling season!

Lawn Care

There are a few ways you can get a healthy, beautiful lawn to enjoy this summer.
Weed, water, and maintain your lawn so you can enjoy it all through the summer.

The foundation of any outdoor living space is a full, healthy yard, and this is easy to achieve and maintain through the summer months if you start early. Be sure to water your lawn as the grass starts to green again and use the months before intense summer heat to update your irrigation or sprinkler system and prepare for potential summer drought. This is a good time to fertilize the lawn as well to ensure full growth and grass health throughout the season. Spend some time finding and pulling weeds and dandelions early before their roots grow too deep and start mowing as your grass gets higher, removing only the top third of the blades of grass as the temperature rises. Consistent mowing will help the grass grow strong roots, fend off weeds, and survive higher temperatures all on its own, leaving you to enjoy spending time in your very own backyard summer retreat.


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