6 Things to Check Before Calling an AC Service

The air conditioning system is a crucial component of your home. It’s one of the few things that actually make your home livable so if it’s not working, you will have a bad time indoors. Besides, air conditioning repair is always an unplanned expense, so the last thing you want is to write off another check to fix HVAC issues. 

In most cases, people immediately call a repair expert the moment they notice something is amiss with their heating and cooling system. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s highly recommended. 

However, before you call someone, do the following things just to be sure it’s not a false alarm.

Check the Power 

So, your HVAC system is not turning on? This is surprising because just a few minutes ago it was working fine? 

Well, there’s no way to be sure here so before you jump into any conclusions check the power supply to the system and ensure it’s plugged in correctly. You may also want to check the power for the rest of the house to ensure there’s no outage.

Check the Air Filter 

You may also want to check the air filter before calling an HVAC repair company. Remember the airflow into your system and consequently into your home is largely dependent on the efficiency of your air filters. 

It’s always advisable to change the filters at least once every three months. Make sure they are also cleaned on a regular basis.

Check If the Gas Meter is Turned On

There are a lot of homes that use gas to heat up their homes. The gas meter needs to be on so that it can check the amount of gas you are using for the purpose of billing. 

If the meter isn’t running, it could either mean you are not getting any gas into the HVAC system or something is wrong with the utility provider. Most air conditioning companies will be able to diagnose this issue too when they are on site.

Check the Circuit Breaker 

You may also need to check to see if the circuit breaker to your HVAC system has been tripped. The circuit breaker is there to protect your system from accidental surges in voltage. 

If it’s tripped, it means there’s no power making its way to the system, so you will need to reset it. However, it’s advisable to call an electrician later to check why the breaker keeps tripping often. This may save your HVAC system from any future damage.

Make Sure the Switch in the Indoor Unit is On

It’s not uncommon to switch off your indoor air conditioning unit and forget to turn it on. In such situations, you may end up thinking the entire system is damaged when it’s not.

So, before you make any calls to a heating and cooling repair service, check if the switch is turned on. While you are at it, check out the safety switch on the pan as well. 

See If There Are Batteries in the Thermostat 

The thermostat display must light up at any given time to control the HVAC system, since it is crucial in regulating heating and cooling. 

If it’s not working, it means the entire system has a huge handicap. In most cases, changing the batteries on the thermostat should fix it.

Air conditioning repair services aren’t that cheap so it’s important to only call an expert when you are sure there’s an issue to be fixed. You don’t need any technical know-how to do a few diagnostics on your HVAC system. 

Still need the help of an air conditioning repair company? Then get in contact and request a free quote!


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