10 DIY Mother's Day Food Gifts Made with Love

Mother’s Day is a really special day, especially if you know how to celebrate with style. There are of course many things to do but despite this, giving your loving mom a gift tops everything.


A lot of people believe that the more expensive a gift is the more special it will feel. This is not entirely true, as most moms don’t really care about the price tag. If anything, many moms appreciate simple things made with love. This is why you should consider food-related gifts!

Here are a few ideas you can explore:

1. Flavored Sugar

Perfect for moms who love tea! Source: A Spicy Perspective


Does your mom love to add sugar in her tea, coffee or to roll her cookie dough in it? Well, instead of having her stuck with the normal sugar from the store, you can make her some to remind her just how sweet she is.

Here is the tutorial for the ones you see above, but don’t be afraid to add your own creative twists if needed!

2. DIY Mother’s Day Tea Bags

Does your mom love tea? Source: The Herbal Academy


We all love a nice cup of tea and you can make this popular beverage the centerpiece of your Mother’s Day plans with specially made tea bags for mom. Just buy empty tea bags online and mix them up with her favorite herbs.

Tip: Buy a few “I Love You Mum” tea mugs and put everything in a gift basket for her!

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Source: Sweet Emelynes


This gift is designed for any mom that actually loves to bake. Just use a large mason jar to add all the dry ingredients she would need to make great cookies. Attach some directions or the recipe on top of the jar and that’s it!

4. Homemade Hot Sauce

Homemade hot sauce is also a great idea! Source: Mommypotamus


A hot sauce will always be a great natural spice to add to any food and your mom will surely love it. Make the sauce using a normal food processor. Peppers tend to be the main ingredients but you can still add a few other species to make it more customized to your mom’s needs.

5. Fresh Fruit Bouquet

Doesn’t this look awesome? Source: The Inspired Home


Waking up to fresh fruits always brings a feeling of happiness and you can give your mom this amazing feeling with a bouquet of fresh fruits on Mother’s Day morning. Make sure the fruits are already cut so that she can enjoy them right away!

6. Homemade Cookie Butter

Your mom would love these jars! Source: A Beautiful Mess


Cookie butter is a huge part of the cookie making recipe but instead of that generic butter at the store, make one of your own for Mother’s Day. It takes just a few minutes to do it and your mom will absolutely love it. Here’s the tutorial for the ones above!

7. DIY Bread Mix

Does your mom love homemade bread? Source: Melissa Knorris


Is there anything better in this world than a loaf of fresh homemade bread? Well, you can give your mom this experience with dry bread mix that she can use anytime to bake her favorite bread. Try to also add dried herbs into the mix for extra flavor. She will definitely enjoy it!

8. Chocolate Bark

Doesn’t these look gorgeous? Source: Good Housekeeping


Getting your mom chocolate bark for Mother’s Day may not look like an exciting idea but you can make this simple gift extraordinary with a few tricks. First, top it up with edible flowers, some sprinkles, and glitter. Also, don’t forget to use high-quality white chocolate.That’s it! It’s super easy to make and it will surely bring a smile to her face.

9. Ice Cream Sundae Kit

Everybody loves sundae! Source: Smart School House


An ice-cream mom will definitely love this one. It comes with full waffle cones and a variety of candies and sprinkles too. However, if she has favorite ice cream toppings, you can include them to make the gift more personal.

10. Sea Salt Caramels

Your mom would love a box full of these! Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction


Instead of giving your mom a gift box full of store-based candies, just make her some simple sea salt caramels. They will surely make her much happier, since these are homemade with love! Try to also dip each caramel into white or dark chocolate for even better results.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to involve expensive gifts. There are many things you can do including making her simple and delicious treats. The options above should be ideal for this!

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