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Deep Spring Cleaning: 7 Important Things You Might Be Forgetting

It’s easy to overlook some things when spring cleaning, but taking care of these 7 spots will make your house look and feel better!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

How to Keep Your Home Clean and Free from Coronavirus

The best course of action right now is staying home, but we still have to leave for groceries or emergencies occasionally and risk bringing the virus home with us. Here’s how to keep your home safe from coronavirus!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

How to Properly Clean a Glass Shower Door

Whether you can’t get rid of the stains on your shower glass doors or if you are simply looking for an easier time with the chore, here are a few great tips!

By Diego Lopes

10 DIY Mother's Day Food Gifts Made with Love

Mother’s Day is here, and if you want your gift to be extra special, try these super easy but delicious food gift ideas!

By Isadora Guidoni

How Often You Should Clean Things in Your Home

Working on getting into a cleaning routine? Here’s how often you should clean things in your home.

By Kelly Mahan

6 Important Fall Organizing Tips

With the colder weather coming, you’ll be spending more time inside your home, so it only makes sense that you’ll want a clean and organized space! Here are 6 tips on how to get your home organized for fall.

By Kelly Mahan

Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her

Mother’s Day is such a meaningful day for your mom, so be sure to show her how much you love her and appreciate her for everything she’s done for you. Here are some simple and heartfelt ways to do just that!

By Kelly Mahan

How to Clean Out and Organize Your Closet

Wondering what to wear? Or what to ditch? Here are a few examples.

By Sean Mahan

How to Create a Productive Study Space for Kids

Everyone loves a well lit, airy, and organized study nook. And so does your kid. However, creating a comfortable homework space for kids can at times be a challenge when you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

By eHARDHAT Contributor

How to Use Decorative Baskets in Your Home Décor

Baskets can be functional and decorative too. You can use them to enhance your home décor and keep it organized. You can use baskets creatively to keep your room orderly while giving it some style. Baskets are also available in numerous shapes and sizes, and are also made from a variety of materials such as wicker, pliable wood, and plastic. Here are a few ideas on how to use baskets in your home décor.

By eHARDHAT Contributor

4 Smart Tips to Start Organizing your Closet

Wouldn’t you love a closet where no sweater, pair of shoes, or pants are out of place? One of the most difficult parts of organizing your closet is getting started. Instead of doing the entire closet all at once, take baby steps. We understand the need to get your closet organized, and we’re here to help!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Weekend Spring Cleaning

You’re already switching out your winter clothes for summer clothes - why not take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning? We’ve compiled all the cleaning tasks and tips we could think of, and the best part? You can do it all in one weekend.

By Ty Leisey

3 All-Natural Cleaning Products You Need to Try

If you’re tired of spending money on harsh chemicals to clean your home, try these natural, inexpensive cleaners. Chances are you already have them in your kitchen.

By Kelly Mahan

The 16 Essential Spring Cleaning Services

With spring now fully sprung there’s no better time to roll up your sleeves and refresh your home’s look and feel with some comprehensive spring cleaning services! Here’s the definitive list of the spring cleaning steps that every homeowner should take this year!

By Fabio Espindula

Flooring Cost and Cleaning Comparison Guide

Two of the biggest factors for homeowners when choosing a new flooring material are cost of installation and ease of maintenance. Today we compare those exact points to help you find the perfect flooring for your home!

By Dave Kostos

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