Planting in the Fall for the Perfect Spring Garden

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If you’ve ever been envious of your neighbor’s spring garden, you may be wondering what their secret is. Most likely, they plant their hardy, spring-blooming bulbs in the fall. While the air temperatures may be getting cooler, the soil temperatures are still at the optimum warmth for plants and flowers to establish their root systems before the first freeze. If you’re tired of slaving away in your garden under the hot summer sun, you’ll love working in the cool, crisp fall. Put simply, if you want a beautiful spring garden, the secret is to start your planting in the fall.

Flower Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

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There are many different flowers you can plant in the fall to ensure a beautiful spring garden. These are considered hardy, spring-blooming bulbs. Lilies, hostas, ferns, irises, and peonies are a few types of these hardy bulbs that are best planted in the fall. The still-warm soil is the perfect temperature to allow the root systems to develop and give them their required cold dormancy period. Make sure to plant your bulbs before the ground freezes. If you live in the south, where you don’t get a solid freeze in the fall, plant your bulbs by the end of November. Always fertilize your bulbs and give them plenty of water so they can get established before the winter hits.

Shrubs and Trees to Plant in the Fall

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If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to plant a few shrubs or trees, now is your chance. Whether you’d like some shrubs around your fence for privacy or to plant a tree in your backyard for shade, fall is the perfect time for planting new shrubs and trees as well as transplanting them. You’ll have an easier time planting them because of the cooler air and the shrubs and trees will be able to develop their root systems. As with planting bulbs, you will need to fertilize and water your shrubs and trees after planting them to allow the root system to thrive through the cooling weather.

Ornamental Grasses to Plant in the Fall

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For gardeners looking for a stunning, low-maintenance garden, opt for ornamental grasses. They are best planted in the fall and will add color and grace to your spring garden. They are one of the easiest plants to grow because they can survive through droughts and poor soil. However, you do need to till the soil before planting your ornamental grass to give them the best chance possible to develop their roots before the winter comes. Ornamental grasses come in a wide variety, so be sure to get a mixture of them to give your garden depth and variation.


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