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8 Beautiful Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

Source: CBS Local

Thanksgiving is all about family. It’s one of those holidays in the year where people come together to enjoy a great turkey and catch up. Well, although there are many things that go into planning the Thanksgiving dinner, one thing you can’t afford to ignore is the décor.

You want to set the mood right and give your dinner the ambiance it needs. Decorations help you do that and in case you’re not sure how to move with this, we have a few ideas that may help you.

DIY Basket Thanksgiving Wreath

diy basket thanksgiving wreath
Source: Twelve on Main

There’s nothing more warming as a simple and beautiful message greeting you at the front door during Thanksgiving. Wreaths are quite a popular choice and instead of going for the more expensive options, you can make this simple basked based wreath to welcome everybody. It offers such a rustic and warm feeling and it will really revamp your front door for the best.

Gilded Fruit Centerpiece

gilded fruit centerpiece
Source: Love This Pic

You can also create this breathtaking centerpiece using simple artificial pomegranates. Start by covering them with copper leaf to create the festive décor.

Apply some adhesive to hold the copper leaves and let them dry. This will take about seven minutes. Display the final pomegranates in a bowl at the center of the dining table.

Charming Door Greeting

charming door greeting
Source: Pinterest

You can greet up your guests too with this charming alternative to a common fall wreath.

Start by finding an old tray you don’t use anymore.

Apply chalkboard paint on either side of the tray. Once it’s dry, add some autumn branches and some bittersweet berries around the tray. Hang the wreath on the front door and write a simple welcoming message to your guests.

DIY Pumpkin Vase

DIY pumpkin vase
Source: The Hide Away

In case you’re looking for a more creative centerpiece, you can try out this DIY pumpkin vase. It’s a perfect alternative to your glass flower vase. The faux pumpkin design is more natural and can go well with many interior décor pieces.

Use it to accessorize the dining room or to create a centerpiece.

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

chalk painted pumpkins
Source: Pinterest

If you love chalk painted furniture, these pumpkin designs will be a great addition to your home. It’s actually a simple thing to make.

You will need a few pumpkins large and small. Dip them in chalk based paint and let them dry for a while. Display them outside for the best results.

Thanksgiving Banner

thanksgiving banner
Source: HGTV

This might be a simple décor but it really does bring out the mood for Thanksgiving. It’s just a banner that carries the message “give thanks.” It can be hanged along the fireplace or anywhere else in the living room.

There are other designs too that carry different yet warming messages that are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Bucket Centerpiece

pumpkin bucket centerpiece
Source: The Party Teacher

You can save yourself a lot of time and money with these store-based plastic pumpkins. They are cheap and can be bought anywhere. To make the centerpiece more attractive, make sure you spray paint the pumpkins gold. This adds to the elegance and creativity.

Try to get three pumpkins. You need one big and two smaller ones. Place them at the center of the dining table and add a few flowers or plants and that’s it!

Cozy Fall Greetings Pillow on the Front Porch

cozy fall greetings pillow
Source: Opulent Cottage

You can also revamp your front porch by adding a cozy autumn greetings pillow for everybody to see as they come in. The pillow is actually long enough to cover the entire front porch furniture. The pillow colors may vary too but we recommend an earthy look that’s rugged and more suited to the outdoors.

Thanksgiving décor can help set the ambiance needed for a perfect dinner. The great thing is that you don’t really need to spend a lot of money on décor ideas. The DIY options above will help you revamp your home in time for Thanksgiving at no extra costs!

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