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14 Spectacular Ideas for Your 2016 New Year's Eve

The new year is about to begin and that means your New Year’s Party is about to get underway! If you’re hosting this year’s festivities then you have a great opportunity to bring the fun and excitement of the entire year to its high point at midnight on the 31st, but to do that you need to go above and beyond what every other New Year’s party has to offer.

To ring in 2016 with style and luxury that your friends will be talking about all year long be sure to add some of these spectacular party ideas and decor items to your party plans! With a few of these fun features included in your New Year’s Eve you’re sure to bring the new year in with all the excitement it deserves.

DIY Photo Booth

Designate one wall in a slightly out-of-the-way part of your home to be your official photo booth! Simply hang up a cheap curtain decorated in glitz and glimmer and encourage people to pop by and make an album from the night (preferably before the spend too much time with the champagne).

Spread Out the Fun

Whether you’re having a few close friends over or a few hundred over the trick to a great party is spreading activity and excitement throughout the whole home. Scatter trays of appetizers, specialty drinks, and things like party hats and noisemakers in a few different spots to avoid congestion and discomfort.

Stock the Bar


With most occasions it’s safe to assume that your guests are going to bring a bottle or two with them but you don’t want to rely on them only to be without the ingredients you need for your world famous cocktails. Stock your liquor cabinet or countertop wet bar with everything from champagne, wine, and beer to mixers and garnishes like limes, lemons, and cherries.

Stock the Fridge

Where there’s heavy drinking there’s a heavy demand for food. Fill your kitchen with plenty of appetizers and a few more filling entree items but don’t buy anything that pulls you from the fun of the party for too long! Instead focus on the chips, dip, snacks, and bite-size finger food that will be quick to whip up and get you back to the fun.

Class It Up

Before the real craziness gets started invite a few close friends over for a pre-party dinner and don’t hesitate to break out the fine china, silverware, and crystal! New Year’s Eve is a fantastic opportunity to let your elegant, sophisticated side out with friends, particularly if the Christmas season was a bit too much of a childish experience for you.

Turn It Up

It’s always wise to make music a part of your party planning whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Halloween or anything in between. Use a service like Spotify to create an eclectic playlist that can provide background music for the whole night without interrupting the party.

Light It Up

If you still have some of your clear, white, or silver Christmas lights up around your home’s interior you can easily translate their elegant glow into the perfect accent for your excellent New Year’s Eve. Simply exchange the stockings and tinsel for sparkly candles and confetti and your home decorating is instantly memorable!

Masquerade Magic

Theme parties are a fun idea but there’s always one or two friends who didn’t get the memo and end up sticking out like a sore thumb. Instead leave a tray of assorted masquerade masks, party hats, or other party props outside your front door along with a note that everyone should choose one before coming in!

Look Back Before Looking Forward

Get a selection of pictures developed showing you and your friends together throughout the year so you all can look back on the fun that the year held for you all. To create a fun, creative display try hanging them from ribbon or balloons! Your friends are sure to love the trip down memory lane and if certain pictures become big hits they can be given away as favors or kept to create an annually updated photo album.

Candle Centerpieces

Light up the night with a few well placed candle displays that help make the glitz and glamour of the evening sparkle even brighter. With your window sills and living room table holding at least a few candles you can lend an elegant and luxurious look to the whole event. Dip the base of the candles in glitter or wrap them in silk ribbon to make these standout features even more striking.

DIY Midnight Balloon Drop

While you and all your friends are counting down the moments until the ball drops it’s easy to bring the excitement and anticipation of Times Square right into your own living room! Simply inflate a bunch of gold, black, white, and silver balloons and slide them into a sheet, blanket, or mesh net that you tape to the ceiling. When midnight strikes release the balloons on the whole room and cap your party with a magic midnight moment.

New Year’s Predictions

Throughout the night invite your guests to anonymously write predictions for 2016 and place them in a bowl then after midnight read all the predictions aloud and take turns guessing who wrote each one. Give points to people who correctly guess the most and to the people who wrote the funniest ones.

Dessert Delights

Having a few dessert selections available throughout your home during the New Year’s Eve party is always a great idea but there’s no need to spend hours on end baking in the kitchen! Display some of the leftover cookies and pies from Christmas on elegant platters and cake stands to give a brand new look to the table without having to create a brand new dessert menu.

DIY Confetti Poppers

A fantastic activity for any New Year’s Eve party is a celebratory explosion of confetti bursting through your home. Make these simple DIY confetti poppers with toilet paper tubes, confetti, and either tissue paper or leftover wrapping paper! They just take a few minutes to put together and they’re sure to be a hit


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