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6 Affordable Baby-Proofing Tips for Your Home

If you have a toddler who has just developed a curiosity to explore the world, like they always do, then it is time you found ways to baby-proof your home and make it safe for the little one. Baby-proofing your home does not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. You can make do with what you already have or simply invest in affordable child safety equipment and products widely available in the market.

Here are a few tips to help you get started in creating a baby-safe home.

Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day. -Taylor Hanson

See Your Home From Your Baby’s Perspective

For the best ways to see what needs to be baby-proofed in your home, get down to a baby's level and see from their perspective.
Put yourself in your baby's perspective to see what needs safeguarding. Image source: She Knows

The most important thing you need to do is start seeing things just like your baby does. Crawling around in places where your baby frequents may seem like a tall order, but it is the best way to understand the floor world, including what lies under the chairs and other dangerously placed objects and appliances lying in your baby’s way. The floor view will tell you exactly what to remove or reinforce.

Put Safeguards in the Bathroom

A toilet lock will help keep your baby from having the lid close on his fingers and from being exposed to harmful germs.
A toilet lock is a great safety feature for the bathroom. Image source:

How about the bathroom? Your nice cozy bathroom carries many potential baby-hazards that will require your attention:

  • Bathrooms floors are slippery and often danger zones for slips and falls. You can invest in affordable non-slip mats and place them inside and outside the tub or on any hard surface to safeguard the child from slipping or falling.
  • Toilets can also pose a danger for babies and toddlers. You can invest in an inexpensive toilet lock to safeguard your child against unsanitary exposure.
  • Remember to cover the tub spout. If your child gets into the tub and manages to turn it on, he or she could easily drown.

Inspect the Living Room

A stair gate is a necessity if you have stairs in your home.
Stair gates are a necessity for homes with babies and stairs. Image source: Home Stair Design

Your baby spends most of his time in the living room, so give this room special attention. If you have stairs, it is recommended you invest in a stair gate. It doesn’t have to be quite fancy and expensive, but a nice gate that matches the style and décor of your home will do.

Cover Outlets

Covering outlets is essential when you have a home with babies, toddlers, and/or small children.
Keep your child safe by covering all electrical outlets. Image source: Rhoost

The child has a curious mind and will not hesitate from prodding wall sockets and other power outlets with a finger or toy. The best you can do is to place protective covers on all electricity outlets. There are many types of affordable protective covers, usually sold in packs, at your local hardware store.

Lock Windows

Make sure to pick up window locks (they're fairly inexpensive) to keep your child safe.
Window locks are an inexpensive way to help keep your child safe. Image source: Pinterest

Give special attention to the windows too. If they are not high up, invest in affordable childproof locks and glass safety films that will prevent the panes from shattering into dangerous bits and pieces. Don’t give that little inquisitive mind access to window sills. In fact remove any furniture he or she can climb on to reach the window sill.

Add Safeguards to the Kitchen

An oven guard is a great way to keep your child from burning himself on a hot stove.
Protect your child from burning himself on a hot stove. Image source: Amazon

The kitchen is another danger zone. The best policy is to ensure the baby is never alone in the kitchen. Babies explore and touch everything, including stove knobs. Avoid any potentially lethal dangers by investing in stove knob covers. You may also want to consider:

  • An appliance lock to ensure the oven door does not stop on the bay’s head when he pulls it down.
  • A stove guard to keep your kitchen safe from inquisitive hands.
  • A dry-chemical fire extinguisher should be a mandatory requirement for every kitchen, with or without a baby around.


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