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What Are the Best Colors for Small Bathrooms?

Whether you live in a tiny house, a studio apartment or simply have a small bathroom in your house that you want to decorate, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not always easy to figure out the best colors for small bathrooms due to the size factor. 

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide with inspiration for the best small bathroom color ideas

Bright Colors

Do vibrant colors like blue, yellow and orange provide the best paint for small bathrooms? Not necessarily. For best results, stick to bright yet reflective colors like powder blue and baby pink. What sets these colors apart is their ability to reflect natural light while creating the illusion of space. 

The more intense the color, the more space it appears to take up. Unless you have a massive amount of natural light coming into your bathroom, it’s best to stick with bright yet neutral colors for your small bathroom. 

How About White?

The color white comes in a myriad of different shades that are separated into three categories; cool whites, warm whites and pure whites. 

  • Pure whites work well with rustic, eclectic and modern design elements. 

  • Warm whites are based on red or yellow tones, and are designed to help you create a charming and welcoming feel. 

  • Cool whites are a perfect match for blue undertones and cool hues, and will look great when paired with nautical tones. 

Knowing this, you’ll find that it’s easier to select small bathroom paint colors based on your preferred decor scheme. You can even mix it up with a solitary bright yellow wall to offset the white on your ceiling and walls. 

Either way, 

White paint will give your space a clean and crisp feel that helps you get-up-and-go in the mornings. 

Dark Colors

Dark colors like charcoal and black are perfect for small bathrooms with little to no access to external light. These colors are known for their ability to create the illusion of space, especially high-gloss paint colors. 

Add large mirrors to further expand the space by bouncing light off the walls. Doing this in a black or charcoal-themed bathroom will make you feel as if you’re walking into an outer-space-themed room. 

Be intentional with the shapes and curves of the fixtures you pick when using this color scheme. Experts recommend sleek and minimalist fixtures, as they tend to work better with dark colors. Make sure your light fixtures have powerful bulbs that’ll fill the room with light. 

Tip: If you opt for a charcoal color scheme, be sure to match it with marble countertops to transform your bathroom into your very own spa-like sanctuary. 

Light Colors

Light colors can help you create a Scandinavian or farm-house like feel. If you’re going to apply Hygge principles as part of your bathroom decor, you might as well do so with light colors like light green, pale blue or light peach with shiny chrome fixtures. 

These colors pair well with handcrafted sinks and unique fixtures. 

Neutral Colors

Neutrals like soft tan and light gray are perfect for a tiny bathroom, especially one that’s used as a powder room. They’ll impart an almost regal atmosphere to your bathroom without making the space feel smaller. Pair with antique faucets and fixtures for the perfect finish. 

Well, there you have it! Small bathroom paint ideas that are designed to help you maximize the little bit of space you have without sacrificing style. We’ve given you different options to choose from, so you don’t feel restricted to a limited amount of color schemes. 

Make a splash with color and bring your vision of the ultimate tiny bathroom to life with a local painter


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