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7 Budget-Friendly DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces

A baby shower is one of the most amazing experiences for moms all over the world. They symbolize a very important stage in life and as such, it’s only fair to make sure they are celebrated in the best way possible. One of the key things done during baby showers is gift giving and decorating. However, if you are strapped for cash, there’s no need to worry. There are still many DIY cheap baby shower centerpiece décor options that can make all the difference. Here are a few options you should consider.

1. DIY Dollar Store Cupcakes Stand

Pink dessert trays make for great decor
Look at how easy this great piece can be! Source: Lindsey ann bakes

Cupcake stands are not just ideal for a baby shower but they have a lot of meaning as well. There’s no better way to welcome a kid into this world than with the promise of sweet cupcakes. This stand represents that idea and it’s also very cheap. As for colors, you can go the traditional route of pink for girls and blue for boys, or you can be modern and use a different color regardless of the baby’s gender.

2. Rain Boot Vase Centerpiece

Flowery boots can steal the show!
Cute little boots with decorative flowers in them! Source: Giggle galore

The rain boot vase looks just as the name suggests. It’s an old boot used to hold flowers. The piece is perfect for an older mom or sibling in the house. The boot can be easily customized to make it classier. This is one of those simple gifts that amaze everyone.

3. Floral Centerpiece

If everything else fails to work for your baby shower centerpiece, then you can try a floral arrangement. Flowers will never let you down. You need a basic arrangement to get things started. You don’t really need to have any experience as a florist. Just put together a few brightly colored flowers and you are good to go.

4. Balloon Centerpiece

Another fine example of DIY baby gifts
Can you make 99 pink balloons? Source: Cutest Baby

It’s a baby shower right, so, why not use balloons too? Balloons have almost the same effect as flowers. Bright colored balloons arranged carefully will do a great job. Try to match the balloon colors with the plastic cups you will be using to serve the drinks. This will make the arrangement even more magical. A combination of big and small balloons is also highly recommended.

5. Floating Rubber Ducks Centerpiece

Even baby boys can have blue DIY centerpieces.
Baby blue centerpieces for boys. Source: Wom-mom

This is perhaps the easiest centerpiece you will ever make. All you need is a few rubber ducks, some vases, and some plastic bubbles. The baby shower needs colorful ducks. Yellow with a touch of pink should do but don’t feel too limited. Any color that’s bold and colorful enough will really work.

6. Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

And last but not least...
Mason jars are a rustic go-to for DIY centerpieces. Source: Marketing

Painted mason jars are also easy to make. They are amazing, especially if used as flower vases. You can paint the outside of the jars in any color you want. Make sure the flowers you choose also complement the colors on the jar. Two or three mason jars should be enough to form the best centerpiece.

7. Rose Centerpiece

Buying roses to create the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower might be pricey but not if you do it yourself. You can buy simple paper flowers online and create the perfect budget-friendly rose décor. Set this up on a vase or any kind of stand. Red roses should be your first choice. If you can combine them with white or pink you will definitely have the perfect results.

Centerpieces for baby showers should provide a thematic experience for the guests that come to the party. The ideas above will help you get started. They are simple, affordable, and very creative.

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