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Spice Up your Space: DIY Dining Room Projects for All Skill Levels

Your home’s dining room is one of the most purpose-driven spaces in the entire property and for many homeowners this results in a formulaic interior design which results in a room that simply isn’t fun, interesting, or exciting to spend time in. That said, there are a number of ways homeowners interested in creating their own unique dining room style can help to define their home’s unique dining space with a personality and character unlike any others you’ll find in your neighborhood. Whether you’re brand new to the world of home remodeling or you’re a veteran in all things DIY, there are simple, affordable ways to create a dining room which looks and feels perfect for your individual style, taste, and design.

Entree - Dining Table

”I’m new to DIY”

Take a weekend to experiment with the style of your dining room table using your particular interests and skill set to make the centerpiece of the room into a true reflection of your personality. For some DIYers this will mean a fresh stain to update the look of the wood but could extend to anything from knitting a new table-runner to painting a gorgeous new style for the table as a whole or even based on the usual seating of your family! For an entirely updated and entirely customized look use painters tape to section of individual portions of the table to have each member of your family paint and decorate however they like.

”I’m experienced at DIY”

There’s no denying that the first thing people think of when they picture a dining room is the table. This one piece of furniture is physically and aesthetically the center of what makes a dining room a dining room so to have the most direct effect on the look and feel of yours there’s no more surefire method than simply building your own. There are a number of guides and training programs which help to make the world of woodworking more accessible to newcomers and by keeping an honest assessment of your skill level and improving bit by bit overtime you can amaze your family and friends alike with a new dining room table that is every bit your own!

Sides - Lighting and Accents

“I’m new to DIY”

The balance between a bland dining room and one that’s almost overwhelming to be in can be tricky to define which is why many homeowners turn to professional decorators and interior designers but with some care any homeowner can enhance their dining room to make it more uniquely their own. Consider style options including uncentralized lighting, mirrors, crown molding, and hanging photographs or artwork to ensure that when people are in your dining room they don’t see everything there is to see at the door. Going on a mini shopping spree at an antique store doesn’t cost much and can lend a huge amount of character to a space. Better still, hang your own artwork and souvenirs from past vacations to make your dining room represent your family!

“I’m experienced at DIY”

Accenting is a unique form of remodeling in that it can suit just about any proficiency level with just some minor alterations. To keep your dining room exciting and interesting for even the longest dinner parties consider simple electrical projects like wiring wall sconces to create interest and focus elsewhere than the table top. What’s more it simply cannot be overestimated how much a fresh application of paint can do to renew the look of a space, particular when specialized techniques are applied like patterned painting styles or artwork murals painted right onto the wall. There’s no easier way to create a conversation starter than lending a bit of your own skill, style, and personality to a space!


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