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10 Brilliant Storage Ideas To Keep Things Organized

Organizing your space can help you free up a lot of space for additional usage. It will also give your home a beautiful and appealing look. However, there’s always so much stuff lying around at home. Finding the right place to put them can be hard. But you don’t need to do so much to get neat. 

Organizing is simply about getting rid of clutter and below we have a few ideas to help you out:

1. Use a Turntable to Make the Most of Your Pantry Space 

Use a Turntable to Make the Most of Your Pantry Space
A turntable can make it more practical! Source: The Kitchn 

Turntables can be very good in the pantry, especially in awkward corners. Even if you are using the pantry as an additional cabinet, a turntable can help you arrange spices and reach them anytime you need without removing everything. It’s a simple technique that puts together all the things you need in one place.

2. Add Hooks Anywhere You Can 

Hooks can be installed pretty much anywhere. You can do it on the walls, under the shelves, inside kitchen cabinets, or even inside the closet. Hooks create space out of thin air. They give you an option to clear up things from drawers and cabinets that can be hung on the wall. This frees up more space for storage.

3. Use Baking Sheets to Create More Space in the Fridge

Use Baking Sheets to Create More Space in the Fridge
Baking sheets make it easier to grab all your sauces or fruits at once. Source: Apartment Therapy 

Do you often feel that your fridge is not big enough to meet your needs? This could be true but it doesn’t help if you are going to bake a huge casserole every day. You can get creative though by using baking sheets to free up more space. The sheet can be placed on top of a casserole, for example. 

This basically adds another shelve from nowhere and opens up your fridge for extra storage.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Packaging 

Unnecessary packaging creates unwanted clutter. Half-empty bags of rice, for example, don’t look nearly as neat as full bags. Decant these things into containers to create some uniformity. 

5. Use the Sides of Your Cabinet 

Use the Sides of Your Cabinet
Add some hooks or extra shelves to take advantage of the space! Source: Home BNC 

It’s really amazing how much space is wasted at home, especially in the kitchen. Take the sides of your cabinets, for example. It may seem like a completely useless area but with a few simple alterations, it can work. 

You can add:

  • A rail
  • Hooks
  • Additional shelves

Anything that you can add on the outside of your cabinets to take advantage of extra storage.

6. Don’t Forget the Space Above the Cabinet 

Still on the cabinets, there’s always that useless space at the top between the upper cabinet and the ceiling. Why not extend the cabinets all the way up? This will give you additional storage and it will make your kitchen unique. 

You can use this extra space for cookbooks, cookware, and even supplies.

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7. Build Shelves into the Wall

Build Shelves into the Wall
Extra shelves will make a world of difference. Source: Apartment Therapy 

You may also create open shelving on your walls. The shelves can be used as customized bookshelves or even displays for art and decorative cookware. It doesn’t need to be too complicated, a pro can do this easily. 

8. Steal Space from Other Rooms

It’s not written in stone that cookware has to be in the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, use space in other rooms too. For example, you can have your favorite plates displayed on a shelf somewhere in the dining room, or keep the items you use less stored somewhere else. 

9. Use Magnets 

Use Magnets
Magnets can make your kitchen more practical! Source: Practically Functional 

Magnets are similar to hooks. You can place them anywhere. They can be used to hold any metallic utensil or even cooking ingredients that have tin-based packaging. 

Tip: You can also buy or DIY a magnetic knife rack and remove the cutlery from the drawers!

10. Color Coding Helps 

If you are always struggling to locate things, color coding may help. Labels can also be used to make sure that everything is put in the right place. This saves you a lot of time.

Many people are always looking for extra space for storage. Although it can be hard to free up a cluttered room without throwing a few things away, the ideas above will help you find new places for your stuff.

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