The Best Lawn Edging Ideas

Having a garden is a very important strategy in revamping your landscape. However, not all gardens are the same. Some are simple and average while others are quite breathtaking. Your garden should make a statement. It should be an extension of your style that complements your outdoor landscape. The great thing is that you don’t really need to do a lot to achieve this. Most of the time, it’s the subtle final touches that matter in a garden.

Well, edging is one of these subtle measures and we have a few ideas that can really make a difference. Some of the types we’ll cover are:

  • Breeze block edging
  • Brick edging
  • River rock edging
  • Timber edging
  • Rock edging
  • Stone wall edging

Breeze Block Garden Edging

Cinder block gardens are all the DIY rage
Oh cinder blocks, is there anything you can't do? Source: DIY Garden

Breeze block garden edging is very common and you can easily see why. It’s classy, unique and very easy to build. However, you need to make sure that the edge is as thin as possible. Putting too many rocks can create a cluttered look. You don’t want the rocks to be the center of the garden’s attention. You simply want to use the rocks as accents to complement the garden.

Flower Bed with Brick Border

Roses are red, planters are also red
Pavers can pave the way to a great garden. Source: Family handyman

If you don’t have the time to build a cozy and sophisticated garden edge, you can simply go for the simplest of them all. Just create a brick border at the end of your flower bed or garden and that’s it. The brick border should be short. One row of bricks should be enough but if you’re dealing with a raised garden, you may need to build more rows than normal. You can add more magic by painting the bricks to match the flower colors in your garden.

River Stones Modern Deck Edge

Yet another example of what edging can look like
Lawn edging done around rocks. Source: Homebnc

This design is one of the most elegant options you will find. However, it’s very simple. All you need is to make a small furrow on the edges of your deck or garden. Make sure it’s not that deep. Once the farrow is built, you can fill it up with white river rocks. Try to make sure the rocks are evenly sized to achieve the best results.

Timber Garden Edging

Wooden fences and perfectly edged grass
Edging so smooth it looks like astroturff. Source: Landscaping gallery

Timber edging is also a little bit classier. It’s simply a wooden version of the simple brick edge. All you need is smaller pallets of timber carefully woven together along the garden edge. Just like the brick wall, the timber edge needs to be short. It’s not necessary to paint the wood. After all, vintage brown wood has its own charm but if you wish to do so there’s no problem.

Stone Garden Edging

Edging around rocks always looks classy
Now that is a professional edge job. Source: Homedit

This is also a very simple edging idea that can be done by anyone. You will just need a few rocks so you can place them carefully around the garden. Any kind of rock will do. The only thing to keep in mind is the size. No need to make them too big. You don’t need to paint them either. The rocks are beautiful the way they are.

Flower Beds with Stone Walls

In case you have a raised flower bed or garden then a stone wall edge will be your perfect choice. Building a stone wall will take more time but it will be worth it. All you need to do is to build a simple containment edge for the stones. You can use a chain-link fence for this. Simply surround the garden with the fence twice leaving space behind each fence for the rocks to be filled. Fill in the rocks and that’s it. In case you don’t have a chain link fence you can use a normal wire mesh. The most important thing is to make sure the mesh is able to hold the rocks tightly around the garden.

Edging out your garden with creative and simple ideas can really give it a revamped and elegant look. The simple ideas above should be perfect to get you started. You can try as many as you can and see which ones work best for you.

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