Summer Planting for Fall Harvest

If you ask around, most people will tell you it’s too late to plant anything this season, that you’ve missed your chance and the best you can do is start preparing your garden for the next growing season. But that’s far from the truth! If you’ve gotten a late jump on gardening this summer or if you’re looking to put in a new garden plot, there are a number of plants you can grow that will not only take off and last through the season in your summer garden but will provide you delicious vegetables to harvest come fall. Which types of plants you can start growing now depends on where you’re doing your gardening; check out the guide below to start a list of vegetables that will work for you and get growing!

How to Choose

The summer growing season is actually more dependent on fall weather - more specifically, when the first frost is expected and low temperatures will set in. This, of course, varies by region, and so the plants you can plant during the summer will too. Different plants take different amounts of time to mature, and some are hardier and able to survive lower temperatures than others. To know which plants you should add to your summer garden for the most harvest come fall, check out a local weather station or farmer’s almanac to know when to expect the cold; after that, calculate approximately how many days you have until then, and choose plants that have enough time to mature without being killed by the cold weather. Keep in mind that some plants will need to mature before the first frost whereas other can survive temperatures as low as 20 degrees fahrenheit without being damaged/destroyed. Once you’ve compiled a list of plants that will work in your area based on the date and your personal landscaping needs, finalize your choices based on taste and space and be sure to get them in the ground soon so you’ll have plenty to cook with this fall!

What to Plant

Though you’ll have to do your own research and make choices based on where you are, here’s a handy list of fall vegetables that do well when planted in summer. Choose from these or others not on the list - just be sure to nurture them throughout the season for a tasty fall harvest!

  • Beets: 50-65 days to maturity, will survive 25-30 degrees
  • Broccoli: 45-70 days to maturity, will survive light frost
  • Cabbage: 55-90 days to maturity, will survive to 20 degrees
  • Cauliflower: 60-80 days to maturity, will survive light frost
  • Green Onion: 60-75 days to maturity, will survive to 25 degrees
  • Kale: 40-60 days to maturity, will survive to 20 degrees
  • Leaf Lettuce: 45-60 days to maturity, will survive light frost
  • Peas: 75-80 days to maturity, will survive to 25 degrees
  • Radishes: 30-60 days to maturity, will survive until soil freezes
  • Spinach: 30-50 days to maturity, will survive light frost



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