7 Trellis Designs to Improve Your Garden

A trellis is an incredible addition to any garden. This structure is designed to give climbing plants room to grow. It can also add a lot of decor value to your outdoor space based on how it is designed. Well, in case you are revamping your garden, here are a few trellis ideas that will help you.

1. Classic with Lattice

This classic design is gorgeous. Source: HGTV

This bright white lattice fence with climbing greenery is probably the most classic trellis design you will ever see. It’s not just beautiful but also delivers great poolside privacy. If you want something that can easily revamp your landscape, then this classic design is perfect.

2. Contemporary Twist

This design makes your space even more modern. Source: Luxe Source

You can make the trellis itself the center of attention in your garden with this modern contemporary design. In this poolside patio, a protruding wooden trellis with green climbing plants and colorful flowers at the base delivers the ultimate outdoor decor.

Tip: To get the best out of it, make sure the trellis fully covers the outside of the house as shown in the picture.

3. Breathtaking Modern Lines

This climbing design is really different. Source: HGTV

Modern materials can also be mixed up with natural beauty to deliver the ultimate look. This striking outdoor space just shows you how. It features a simple wire trellis line that measures the same length as the custom steel wall. Emerald Ivy can be seen climbing majestically too.

Although the design is minimalist, it can add a mix of soft texture and fresh color to your outdoors.

4. The Perfect Warm Welcome

The pop of color makes this entrance even more interesting! Source: HGTV

This elegant Mediterranean home features vibrant fuchsia blooms that climb to the very top of an inky iron trellis design. The trellis is secured to the stucco exterior and the punchy pinky hues offer a dazzling experience. The design has some classic feel to it and would probably work with any climbing plant. It’s simple, elegant, and warm.

5. Reaching New Heights

Doesn’t this look beautiful? Source: RemService

The trellis design in this home can only be described with one word – perfection. It features a tall wire structure attached to the home’s exterior. The trellis can support almost any kind of climbing plant to deliver a luxurious look that covers the wall right from the bottom to the top.

6. Framing the View

This trellis design covers almost the entire wall. Source: Instant Withdraws

This design features elegant ivy climbing on a simple wire trellis that serves to bring out stately windows in a colonial style home. The manicured vines do well to frame the facade. This gives the entire home a unique formal appearance. It’s very important to be careful though with this kind of design.

The goal is to make sure the climbing plants grow around the windows. Providing enough trellis support is crucial for this. The greenery needs to be properly maintained to ensure it doesn’t block the light.

Remember: Ensure the plants don’t have too much moisture. If the water comes into contact with the wooden frames on the window it may lead to rot. Nonetheless, it’s still a perfect trellis design to explore.

7. Trendy Trellis

Doesn’t this look incredible? Source: Wowow Home

This white home is complemented with a trendy trellis design that is sure to catch the eye. The trellis works well to provide support beautiful climbing blooms. While it looks a little complicated, this trellis design is actually pretty simple to DIY if you’re crafty.

The end result is spectacular and it gives your home that contemporary curb appeal. It’s definitely something worth a try.

Trellises are central in enhancing the look of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a garden, a patio, or even a deck, having a trellis is always a big plus. But don’t just build the structure anywhere you want. Being creative can help you make the most of trellises and the designs above will surely help.

Want to add a trellis to enhance the beauty of your home? Then get a free quote today!


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